Sample Logic Announces Gamelan

Sample Logic today announced Gamelan, their world-instruments-meet-hybrid-sample-synthesis library. Twenty-five Balinese Gamelan instruments have been, as they describe it, “morphed and mutilated” by Sample Logic to create a collection of “cinematic quality atmospheres, inspirational melodic instruments, thundering percussive impacts and twisted loops.”

Sample_Logic_GamelanRecorded on the scoring stage at Skywalker Sound with the Gamelan Sekar Jaya (GSJ) ensemble, Gamelan features traditional and morphed Gamelan instruments.

Compatible with Native Instruments’ Kontakt Player, Gamelan is 14GB in size, and features a diverse library of 1,700 patches which are divided into the following categories:

  • 421 Atmospheres (58 Bizarre, 97 Dark ­ Mysterious, 71 Electronic ­ Effectual, 87 Mixed Emotions, 28 Stingers, 79 World Organic) ­
  • 316 Instrumentals (55 Arpeggiated, 104 Organic, 74 Synth, 82 Traditional) ­
  • 322 Loops (84 Action Packed, 120 Electronic ­ Effectual, 51 Pop Hop, 56 World Organic) ­
  • 368 Percussives (31 Arpeggiated, 11 Hit Ensembles, 266 Impacts, 17 Traditional, 42 Transitions)
  • 260 Multi Cores (34 Atmospheres, 71 Instrumentals, 53 Loops, 47 Percussives

Sample_logic_Gamelan_2Twenty-five Balinese Gamelan instruments were recorded in 24 bit / 88.2kHz, then morphed and mutilated to create the content for Gamelan:

  • Instrumental: Grantang, Jegogan, Jublag, Kajar, Kantilan, Kempli, Pemade, Penyacah, Reyong, Suling, Trompong & Uga
  • Percussive: Cedugan Wadon, Cedugan, Ceng Ceng, Gentorag Chime, Gong, Gupekan Wadon, Gupekan, Kempur, Klentong, Krumpungan Wadon, Krumpungan, Rebab & Vocalese

Gamelan users are able to mix as many as eight unique “soundsources” to create “massive ambiences, crushing impacts, complex loops, soaring leads or even stacked multis,” triggered by a single note. Alternatively, Gamelan also has thousands of ready-to-use preset instruments!

Pricing and Availability. Sample Logic Gamelan will be available for purchase in mid-September, for $399.99. For customers who pre-order before the product’s release, Gamelan is available at an early-bird $299 price. More information, or to pre-order, at Sample Logic.

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  1. Yeah… Love these sample banks of 15 gigabytes to hundreds of gigs of pure sound. How about using a dam synth, get off your ass and make your own sounds? there are too many shirkers out there that create the demand for this nonsense in the first place.

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