Korg iElectribe Vs Electribe ER-1, Mano a Mano

Earlier this week, Korg introduced iElectribe for iPhone – a software version of its classic Electribe ER-1 drum machine.

This video, via Marcus Padrini, compares similar patches on the software iElectribe and hardware ER-1. 

While they there are some differences – possibility because of differences in the way knobs translate into settings on the two versions – both drum synths are using similar drum synth engines, resulting in very similar results.

Check it out and let us know how closely iElectribe for iPhone, available for US $9.99 in the App Store, matches the original hardware Electribe.

12 thoughts on “Korg iElectribe Vs Electribe ER-1, Mano a Mano

  1. It’s moot to say, but an update to the iElectribe for iPad UI to follow suit would be v. nice! The ER-1 could be closely resembled in similar dimensions to the iPad dimensions…

  2. While the price/performance may be attractive to iPhone owners, the tactile interface is not the same at all.

    The i-Electribe looks like fun, but it won’t replace the ER-1 on that level.

    I would be more interested in a Nintendo Gameboy version.

  3. am going to give it a try even though i know the fiddle factor will break me as with all music making apps, big hands might work on key boards but they don’t cut it on i-devices

  4. The Apps won’t have the Audio In feature

    The ER-1/MK2 won’t have the extra effects the Apps have

    Not sure if you can connect your phone to a midi cable, if you wanted to connect a real electribe to your portable device???

  5. Fun little toy, would not use it in production, but you never know.
    Anything out of the iPhone or iPad output is werid to me, could be the DA converters.
    I own the original ER-1, i believe the sound is fuller, as full as the ER could be anyway.

  6. Wow. The Electribe ER-1 blows the little iPhone app out of the water. KA-BLAM!

    The ER-1 has a warmth and a deep nuanced sound that the iElectribe is missing.

    Hardware. Am I right, people? Can I get an amen?

    Oh, hell, who am I kidding. They sound exactly the same.

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