Syncing Roland’s MX-1 Mixer With Roland JD-Xi Synthesizer

Roland keyboard guru Ed Diaz demonstrates how to sync the company’s MX-1 Mix Performer to the new JD-Xi synthesizer.

The Roland MX-1 mixer, introduced at the 2015 NAMM Show, is a performance-oriented mixing instrument, touted by Roland as “the nerve center for a modern electronic music rig,” and designed to bring together synths, drum machines, loops, DAW tracks, AIRA gear as well as other musical equipment.

Also introduced at this year’s Winter NAMM, the Roland JD-Xi is a mini-synth that offers an analog monosynth, dual digital synths, 808-style drum sequencing and a digital effects section.

9 thoughts on “Syncing Roland’s MX-1 Mixer With Roland JD-Xi Synthesizer

  1. I messed around with the jd xi at geetar center again this morning and I seem to be able to wrap my head around its many controls/parameters. It sounds good and is easy to edit. I just am on the fence about bringing it home. I’m not sure why.
    So I left with a bass amp for my daughter and the deluxe memory man pedal for me.
    But I know I would never mess with that shit mx-1. What a joke. The korg zero 8 is the closest I’d get to a specialty mixer, these are now broke down and useless if you can find one.
    Believe I stick to my Jackie mixer and outboard effects.

  2. This video is an “Oops! We forgot to design the JD-Xi & XA to automap with our M-1 mixer ! Quick, let’s do a video to show folks how to menu-dive & MIDI map to make them work together.”

    What Roland has here is a failure to communicate between their design & marketing teams.

    1. Or maybe like most electronic musicians we like to configure things so that we control our equipment and not the other way round. It looks pretty straightforward to me.

  3. I didn’t quite get it- was he sending a scatter trigger type effect or audio effect from the mx-1 to the JD-xi (or modifying the audio path), or was he controlling a scatter effect on the JD-xi from it? I thought only the Aira’s had the scatter effect stuff.

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