Arduino Piggyback Synthesizer A Hackable Analog Synth

Tasty Chips Electronics’ Arduino Piggyback Synthesizer (aka the “Piggy”) is an analog synthesizer shield for the Arduino (Uno, Nano, etc).

The Arduino is an open-source electronics ‘brain’, designed to be an easy-to-use platform for building interctive projects.

Arduino ‘shields’ are boards that can be plugged into an Arduino, extending the device’s capabilities. There are already many electronic music devices based on the Arduino platform, including the Ardcore synth module, the Open Theremin, the miniAtmegatron, the LinnStrument and the Synthino.   



  • Analogue signal path…
  • Digitally controlled by Arduino (firmware easily upgraded or even hacked)
  • Analogue sawtooth VCO: 10 Hz .. 10 kHz, pitch controllable in 65536 steps, manually tuneable
  • Frequency Modulation, controllable by modwheel and with relative modulation frequency (MIDI)
  • ADSR via MIDI
  • Analog VCA (OTA-based)
  • 2-pole manual low-pass resonant filter
  • MIDI in
  • MIDI thru

The Arduino Piggyback Synthesizer is available via Tasty Chips Electronics, priced at€59.00 without an Arduino processor.

Via Pieter van der Meer

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