Native Instruments Reaktor 6 Lives!


Native instruments today released the long-awaited Reaktor 6, the latest version of its software modular synthesizer.

The update features Blocks – Eurorack-style virtual modules; new power developer features, an updated user interface; a lower price and more. 


img-ce-full-reaktor_6_play_01_for_those_who_play-75cc11e779b3ae278a1f620f7322ad66-dHere’s what’s new in Reaktor 6:

  • Blocks – Blocks are the new rack-style framework in REAKTOR 6. Blocks offer the speed and flexibility of modular patching, combined with all the benefits of working in the digital domain. Get total recall of complex rack creations. Load as many instances of oscillators, filters, VCAs, LFOs and sequencers as you need. Blocks and Blocks patches can also be shared by the Reaktor community.
  • Power Developer Features – Three key additions extend REAKTOR’s workflow efficiency and sampling power at the Core level.
    • The Table Framework feature allows flexible and efficient data sharing throughout REAKTOR, including from Primary to Core levels. This opens up new possibilities for building custom sampler engines.
    • Bundled wires are like multicore cables, making intra-level patching cleaner and more elegant.
    • Scoped buses allow ‘wireless’ connectivity across multiple structure levels.
  • Major Library Updates – Both Primary and Core Macro libraries have been re-organized for ease of use with new categories and more intuitive folder structures. This makes prototyping and instrument building workflows more efficient.
    • The Core library macros have been re-written for improved sound quality and more efficient use of CPU, letting you build more complex devices that sound better than ever.
    • The library is also extended to include new anti-aliased oscillators, ZDF filters, envelopes, LFOs, effects, and sampler macros that make use of the Table Framework.
  • New User Interface – Numerous interface improvements give builders increased readability and optimized use of screen space.
    • Curved and colored anti-aliased wires allow builders to quickly differentiate wire and port types visually.
    • There are also numerous builder workflow enhancements including improved structure editing, and a revised property and navigation pane.

Here’s the official video intro:

Reaktor 6 is available for US $199 or as an update for $99.

43 thoughts on “Native Instruments Reaktor 6 Lives!

    1. No doubt Kontakt 6 is following and probably also a revisited Guitar Rig update too… And by March or April next year, they will be included in the Komplete 11 update. So I’m just gonna wait the Komplete 11 Ultimate update 😉

  1. II hate this- I’m a Komplete Ultimate 10 owner….I know this will be part of the next update so realy have to wait….I mean, I could buy the crossgrade full version (as I have maschine as well) for the same cost as the upgrade from 5.6 to 6…actually makes me miss Komplete Kare, at least you got the updates when they came out!

    1. Well, Komplete Ultimate owner here… and it’s just a matter of money OR discipline. You can just learn to wait for the Komplete 11 Ultimate update that will for sure include Reaktor 6 (as probably also Kontakt 6 and a revisited Guitar Rig). There’s still plenty to do with what we already have right now… enough to wait few more month for the Komplete Ultimate update… That’s my way to save some money and learn how to enjoy what I already have 🙂

      My 2¢

  2. Downloaded the update and I’m in heaven….I love how Native Instruments does their magic….the sound quality is awesome…and it’s not killing my laptop….

  3. My question is can you still get the crossgrade option? When I checked NI’s site, only versions 1-5 qualify for the crossgrade. It cant be an oversite. They should give a free upgrade to all K10 owners.

  4. Always happens…. First NI drop the price of the last Komplete upgrade in a ‘Summer Sale’. Then a month later they release 1or 2 product upgrades for the Komplete upgrade you just thought you were getting a bargain on. Then a month later they release 1 or 2 killer sample instruments. THEN a month later they release the upgrade to the next version of Komplete.

    1. thats what they always do, a lot stuff has dropped in price due to the exchange rate as well. elektron claim to be cutting prices on the products that use over bridge, but if you look all their other prices they have come down as well like the octatrack. these prices are not far of the prices they were a few years ago when they actually announced that they were raising their prices due to the exchange rate. if Europe continues to devalue its currency with quantitative easing you might find more bargains around the corner.

  5. What’s your problem? You know it all and can’t work it out? Always wait for the sale on Komplete! That’s it! Of course they are releasing products inbetween! If you think you really need them – wow, you have to pay for them! If not – wait! I don’t get it… Some people just WANT to complain….. Komplete is such a unbelievable bargain that people lose perspective, imho.

  6. *I* want to complain. I’ve only had these shoes for two weeks and they’ve already turned at the heels. By contrast, I have 30-year-old cassettes that still play with grace n’ charm. What’s up with all of this shite?? I’d speak to the manager, but he’s dressed like Hillary Clinton and has more beard stubble than I do. Gah. If they have a filter module that will block out that image, I’m sold. The upgrade is a smart design move and the sound is striking. Modular isn’t my cuppa, but I have to bow to several of those patches as superior blow-aways. My ears don’t perk up very often, but they did here. My Komplete-using pal will be sequestered with this one for a while. His moaning about loving Reason but not wanting to add it to his current pile should be satisfied now. Look, James, its good karma for only $99.

    1. Lucky for my wallet Alchemy in Logic Pro X occupies the same sonic space as Reaktor. Shame Alchemy’s UI doesn’t have the uncluttered simplicity and visual appeal of Reaktor’s blocks.

      1. Apple’s new version of Alchemy’s GUI IS very flat, lacking even the industrial appeal of the old one, but its a powerhouse that offers several forms of synthesis in a smart package. I won’t sweat the look. I’ve used it for several years and know how well-appointed it really is. Although it does a lot more, I think of it as a mutant ROMpler. The 3000-patch library supports that idea, but the material comes from numerous contributors, so you have a butt-load of useful starting points. Because of that, I’d say Alchemy *and* Reaktor would be a huge combo to beat. Blocks is on the far end from Alchemy’s basic approach, with different purpose, but between them, there’s not much missing at all. I’ll still need M-Tron, though. Some things only work properly from their organic roots.

  7. The other day I was confronting the fact that I could no longer go on using Komplete 6, and needed to update to Komplete 10…. good thing I did not spend my $279AUD… This looks way better than Reaktor 5, and much easier to use.

  8. Reaktor is the only soft from native i use these days i hope is worth the money lol but why only supports very lnew mac os? Shit im not upgrading my laptop just for this soft right now

    Ill stick with reaktor 5, max and all my sinthesis programing languages for now!!

  9. Tell you what…..having bought Reaktor 5 for peanuts – $99 (I believe either earlier this year or late 2014) – knowing I can get this upgrade for $99 is pretty awesome. It’s not often I come out on the winning side with this stuff, so I’m celebrating… I price new laptops….????

  10. I don’t know why it always comes a s a shock that technology changes, improves and by necessetity drops old support. It’s always happened and it always will.

  11. Just wondering (and can’t find it anywhere) i Reaktor 6 will integrate with my eurorack setup?
    Anyone an idea of this.
    Can it generate CV out to a dc audio card ?

    1. it will with an audio interface
      so if you have a 2 out interface you can make 2 connections
      I’d like to see a usb to cv interface with 8 or so outs, that would be awesome

      but yeah you can do this and it’s really fun

        1. I’ve seen someone imply that this only works with audio rates
          but I was even able to get the 8step sequencer cv block to modulate cv signals via a mackie black jack, not sure how acurate the output was, but it did not need to be audio rate

          I don’t know of many other programs that will send cv that isn’t audio rate

  12. This update is a complete and utter joke. 10 years in the making and the best they come up with is preconfigured Instruments, a slight GUI facelift and some esoteric developer tools? The Blocks are strictly monophonic BTW, a limitation of using the ISM container.

    It’s blatantly obvious that they spent 9 years figuring out how they could create the most hype with the least amount of effort and then spent the remaining year executing it. Complete scam as far as I’m concerned.

  13. Hello, all!
    I’ve made a couple of good synths in Sync Modular… Now I’m trying this new Reaktor 6.
    And you know what… default synths doesn’t seems to be so expensive. Or am I missing something?
    I’ve didn’t touched Blocks, just started and had made some simple FM-synth with unison. Eats tooo much (just doubled voices, two OSCs, cross FM). Sounds good but not that I’ve expected from a constructor for 200 bucks!
    Tell me I’m wrong here in something, please. IMHO, default synths ought to be more modern. I don’t count that wobbling stuff… I’m not excited about LaserBass either. Just one synth I’ve found really cool is Photone.

  14. OMG… I’ve added the third pair (FM connected) OSCs and set voices of the enseble to 8….
    Now it uses almost 90% of my CPU in Standalone. In DAW it uses 55%… but it’s not that small.
    Can it be solved?
    Edit: no, DAW use about 90% also … it wasn’t saved then. Hooof… this is crazy

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