Audio Damage Intros ADM11 Dimensions Chorus Effect

Audio Damage has introduced the ADM11 Dimensions stereo chorus module for Eurorack modular synthesizers.

Dimensions is a true stereo chorus effect, featuring two topologies: The first is a direct port of AD’s Fluid chorus plug-in, and the second is taken from the unit’s namesake.

  • Dimensions’ Mode A operation is described as ‘a ludicrously thick chorus’. Most chorus effects have either a single delay line or a pair. Dimensions has six of them, each with its own modulation scheme.
  • The Mode B operation changes the routing to match the vintage rack unit, but keeps the controls available. This results in a subtly different, but equally thick and appealing, effect.

With automatic routing based upon what you plug in the I/O, Dimensions can do mono->mono, mono->stereo, and true stereo chorus duties.


  • RATE knob controls the modulation speed of the internal LFO.
  • DEPTH knob controls the amount the internal LFO modulates the delay lines.
  • FEEDBACK knob adds a small amount of internal feedback to the delay lines. This accentuates the effect, which is quite desirable on some sounds (smooth legato synth lines, for example.)
  • MIX knob controls the wet/dry mix of the effect.
  • MODE switch toggles between the two topologies in Dimensions. Mode A is an iteration of our popular Fluid plug-in chorus, and Mode B is a topology based on the unit’s namesake.
  • The inputs and outputs are self-routing, and update the internal topology based upon which cables are plugged in. The unit operates in mono->mono, mono->stereo, and true stereo modes.
  • Dimensions is a DSP-based effect that runs at 48kHz sample rate and 24 bit depth, via a high quality Cirrus-Logic codec.
  • USB port (on the PCB board) for easy firmware updates.
  • High-quality construction, including panel-bolted 100,000-cycle BI potentiometers and custom stamped Rogan knobs.
  • Power draw is 40ma from the +12V rail and 9ma from the -12V rail. This module has an on-board regulator and does not require +5V. Module depth is 25mm.
  • Lifetime unconditional warranty.

The Audio Damage Dimensions chorus is available for US $289.

3 thoughts on “Audio Damage Intros ADM11 Dimensions Chorus Effect

  1. Sounds for me more like an Reverb. This means nothing bad I really like the sound but I have no space for modular synths 😉 Please Audio Damage make a VST version for the folk 🙂

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