Buranelectrix Tempomat Lets You Sequence Tempos


Developer Jan Cumpelík of Buranelectrix has introduced the MIDI Tempomat – a unique master clock generator with MIDI and analog clock outputs.


Here’s how it works:

  • One bar (one whole note, four beats, 16 analog clicks, 96 MIDI clocks) is divided into four sections.
  • Each section is assigned with own tempo (40 – 295 BPM).
  • Assignment can be switched on and off, and when it’s off, tempo of last active assignment is used for current section.


  • MIDI OUT – sends MIDI clock (24pqn), MIDI start, MIDI continue and MIDI stop messages
  • ANALOG TRIG OUT – sends 5V pulses (4pqn) for syncing analog gear


  • ANALOG TRIG IN – starts sequence and play it once

Here’s a video demo of the Tempomat in action:

This is being made available as both a completed unit for €149,  or through Sept 27 2015 as a €99 DIY kit.

7 thoughts on “Buranelectrix Tempomat Lets You Sequence Tempos

  1. That top plate is absolutely fantastic,, this piece looks unique and definer stands out, I love the look! It’s a very unique function as well.

  2. Cool idea. Would be fun to hear modulate a sample player’s clock as well.

    If you could get the different tempos calculated correctly you could stay in one tempo over an entire beat but with all the fun shifting.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. All you need is to run your other instrument at the average of the four tempi on the sequencer. This has huge potential.

      1. Hello guys!
        So I hear you talking about something like relative mode, when you’d set final tempo (or let the box sync to click) and you’d be not controlling BPM of parts directly, but rather mutual ratio of parts – when you change speed of one part, the others change also to keep both ratio (which is set by pots) and total time of whole sequence, so it can run in sync. Exactly as if you warp audio clip in DAW. Right? 🙂

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