System 63 For NI Reaktor 6 (Sneak Preview)

This pair of videos preview System 63 – a collection of Euro- and 5U-inspired modules for Native Instruments’ new Reaktor 6.

Reaktor 6 introduces Blocks – a rack-style framework that creates a virtual modular studio with Reaktor. System 63 modules are compatible with Blocks.

Details on pricing and availability are to come.

via FSK1138, Mike RomansFlux302

37 thoughts on “System 63 For NI Reaktor 6 (Sneak Preview)

  1. I’m sorry, but this is ridiculous. Reaktor is a wonderful environment that allows to create incredibly complex DSP-based synthesis and fx stuff. Using it to “emulate” existing hardware is a waste. The whole point of hardware modulars is the immediate access to every parameter, the patchability and the tangible interface. Mimicking the panels with photo-copied graphics will not hide the fact, that it is still a computer simulation with all its limitations.

    1. This is not ridiculous. This is awesome. Hardware is fun, but you cannot simply save and re-load your patches and not everyone has the equivalent of a mortgage downpayment available for spending on a handful of oscillators and filters. If they get things like MATHS emulated, this will fit a huge niche of more “experimental” sounds that current softsynths have left open for hardware modulars. The only people complaining about this product will be people who literally spent thousands on gear that now will be available to everyone with an interest.

    2. The great thing about options is that you don’t have to use them. I find the elitism based around analog hardware to be a total bore, most of the big mouths around the modular scene spend their time making half assed emulations of Klaus or Tangerine or even more likely just sit there and patch shit all day long without ever really having anything to show for it. The emulation of this type of hardware opens the doors to the real music makers who make music because they have the desire to create not to collect.

    3. Allow me to disagree. This kind of software can communicate with the real deal, thus vastly improving it’s functionality while also appealing to any artist to whom portability can become a factor. Further more, if you’ve been paying attention, not all euro rack modules are analogue, that’s simply not the case at all and a lot of software solutions have proven to be reliable and make one’s life easier, such as those by the likes of Expert Sleepers for instance. Besides, analogue modelling is doing great!

    4. As a member of the 63 team let me say, your thinking is pretty wrong on this.
      1) this allows emulations of certain eurorack modules, this is true but there is also a heavy emphasis on new modules that do not yet exist in the physical world. Emulations are a small portion of system 63
      2) the emulated modules are a great way to “try before you buy” of the physical modules.
      3) with the complex routing, and duplication of modules in the software world, complex patching not possible in the hardware world are possible.
      Be sure to check out for more system 63 info

  2. I think this is a great GUI. So much to choose from. Hope it is not too expensive. Looks like it would bring a “Fun Factor” into the design. “How Great is That”?

    1. I need less than a second to repatch a cable in a hardware Eurorack system. I can use my two hands to simultaneously reach and twist any two knobs, or wiggle them. Try that with your mouse during a stage performance.

      Reaktor is great, but it has much much more to offer with dedicated graphics-based multi-dimensional graphics interfaces. Mimicking hardware pots and sockets with clumsy tiny graphics is a poor idea.

      1. LOL… how long to recall a complete patch over 10 synth tracks on a song? Oh well, you need 10 Eurorack systems for that while it only takes a second on Reaktor. BTW, did you hear about knobs that also exist to control soft synth? NI have great solutions for Reaktor… such Maschine or Komplete Kontrol, already mapped for Reaktor 6. Have a nice day…

      2. > I can use my two hands to simultaneously reach and twist any two knobs

        so can i with any usb controller 🙂

        > Mimicking hardware pots and sockets with clumsy tiny graphics is a poor idea.

        not really .. great for visual feedback …..,you can zoom the screen
        or use portrait mode

        a 2nd or 3rd monitor can be cheaper than most euroracks

        you also have OSC and MANY other forms of input other than the mouse

        open your mind and he music will follow

  3. So wait this is supposed to mimic eurorack but you can’t patch things on the front with virtual cables? I am so over software it just seems to be never quite there.

    1. The patchpoints are stowed away on a separate screen. On one hand all the functionality of patching is there and you have a cleaner up-front interface so you don’t have to knock cables around to get at knobs, but yeah you do lose that awesome spaghetti look. Also the cables are straight lines rather than catenaries.

      Would’ve preferred an ACE/Bazille-like cable option myself.

      1. yeah same here, cables on the front panel would complete the user friendly aspect, all it would take is a button to hide them. I imagine by reaktor 7 this will probably be requested enough for ni to add
        especially if they were able to add patch points to existing ensembles.

        if this is reaktor 6 I’m stoked to see how things will be by version 8 or version 10

        1. “if this is reaktor 6 I’m stoked to see how things will be by version 8 or version 10”
          …. Considering Reaktor 5 was released back in 2005, you might be waiting til 2035 for V8 and 2055 for V10.

      2. The UI is designed in this way in hopes that some day NI will add front panel cables to Reaktor. Not this time but we still hope to see it someday. I’m a single dev and have been working on this project for 3+ years now. Reaktor was the only way I could hope to achieve the scope of the project I had in mind. It’s large. Core made this possible and manageable.

  4. So, it’s been 19 years since the Korg Prophecy. I recently had the pleasure of owning an Electribe 2 and it is by far the best virtual analog filters I have heard hands down. Not quite there, but sooooooo scarily close. Things have come such a long way now let alone imagine in 10 years time. Aira is pretty good too. Analog is on the way out, there will be no chips one day and it’ll all be dsp. Buchla are on to it. I hope this is good. I never got around to learning reaktor…

  5. I second on the notion. we better be able to patch into existing ensembles like razor carbon monarch even third party ensembles. if I can think it I had better be able to do it

    1. wasn’t saying it better, I don’t expect them to, it would be nice however
      it’s really lame to demand features from manufactures, you never know what limitations there truly are

  6. Software modulars are great… Synth edit, reaktor, audio mulch, buzz tracker, pd, max… All truly excellent and unique but ultimately they only wet your appetite for the real thing.

  7. I have both Eurorack and NI Reaktor in my studio and I’m constantly ‘Wow’d’ by the both of them. Both worlds have their strengths and weaknesses depending on what your trying to create! Some of my ideas are better realized on Reaktor and some better realized on Analog! But yes, I love the tactile world of analog though….love the ‘driftiness’ of it!!!

  8. There has not been much try before you buy with modular. Assuming the manufacturer of the unit is involved in this, it could be a way to showcase the real thing. Certainly virtual will never replace the real thing for me. Reaktor has always been a way to learn modular though and everyone should have Reaktor 6.

    1. We have worked with several hardware manufacturers and provide official versions of their modules in System 63. Wee have worked with them to ensure our software emulations are as close as we can get them on the Reaktor platform.

  9. i am hoping that “controller eurorack modules” come out that will read the cable and knob state so you could patch and wiggle via hardware
    companies like expert sleepers , arturia and roland seem to get it 🙂

    this is only the beginning

    1. Fsk can u email me please… I have been trying to get in contact with you but your Google settings on YouTube don’t allow for it.

      Yeah I would love for that sort of module as well. We used system 63 on a prototype “emperor” module at this past NAMM

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