Black Market Modular Intros Colour Palette Customizable Eurorack Module

Knobcon-2015 - 87At Knobcon 4, Black Market Modular introduced the production release of the Colour Palette – a unique Eurorack module that promises to be a mini-platform for synthesists.

Knobcon-2015 - 83

The Colour Palette is unique in that it can host up to three Colour or ColourCV submodules, above. These are low cost, compact, DIY friendly circuits that provide a wide range of functions including saturation, filtering, delay, and many others. This is based on the 500 series DIYRE Colour platform.

The Colour Palette by itself consists of three high-quality VCA’s with serial and parallel routing options. It can be used as three VCA’s, even without installing any submodules.

Knobcon-2015 - 88

What makes the module interesting, though, is that you can install up to three submodules of your choice.

Black Market currently offers four modules:

  • woof – a low-pass filter
  • tweet – a high-pass filter
  • ColourADPTER – 500 Series Module Adapter
  • Prototype PCB Kit – for DIYing custom modules

Additional submodules are available from DIYRE, WMD, TB Audio and others. This means that you can configure the Colour Palette for your specific needs: it could host three filters in one module, three different types of effects or any combination of VCA channels and submodules.

Here is the official set of intro videos for the Colour Palette:

Here’s an example of a third-party module in action, the WMD Wave Compiler Colour CV:

The submodules can be used in series, in parallel or independently

The Black Market Modular Colour Palette is available for US $279, or with the Woof and Tweet submodules for $329.

5 thoughts on “Black Market Modular Intros Colour Palette Customizable Eurorack Module

  1. If this was around $150, it would be a no-brainer. At $279, though, doesn’t it become cheaper just to buy three complete modules, which will be more powerful, too?

    1. yes. but making modules (and faceplates) is very expensive, especially in low quantities. I’m guessing 150 is probably pretty near their parts cost.

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