XotoPad 2 MIDI Controller For Windows Multi-Touch Devices

xotopad_2_smallFeelyoursound.com has released version 2.0.0 of XotoPad – an app that turns any Windows multi-touch device into a full-featured MIDI controller, with chords, scales, faders, and more.

The app has setup wizards to fill four different banks with fader boards, chord collections, scale keyboards, and other controllers. XotoPad includes over 300 scales and chord pages.

Here’s the official video intro:


  • Turns any Windows multi-touch tablet into a MIDI controller.
  • Many different controls: Note pads, drum pads, sliders, faders, CC buttons, x/y pads,…
  • Helpful setup wizards for scale keyboards, chord pages, and effect controls.
  • Tight integration with Windows: Windowed and full-screen mode, window transparency, “always on top” mode, undo/redo. XotoPad remembers the last position and size on close.
  • Press “x” to maximize screen space.
  • Two different colour schemes.
  • Built-in instruments to jam around even without a connected DAW.
  • Buy once, get updates for free forever.
  • Over 300 scales and chord collections included for jamming with virtual instruments.

The update is free for all existing customers of XotoPad.

XotoPad is available with an introductory price of 29 EUR / $32 (valid until 2015-10-15), normally 35 EUR / $39. A demo version is also available.

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