An Update On The Modal Electronics 002 & 008 Synthesizers

This video, via sonicstate, captures a discussion with the Modal Electronics team about their Modal 002 synthesizer and Modal 008 monster synthesizer

In the video, host Nick Batt talks with: Paul Maddox, the chief architect of the 002 and core OS at Modal; George Hearn, the designer of the analog architecture of the 008; and Product specialist Luca Mucci demos the synths

For details on the Modal synths, see the Modal Electronics site.

22 thoughts on “An Update On The Modal Electronics 002 & 008 Synthesizers

  1. I have the 001 and 002. They are superb in every respect, the support is absolutely first class. This is the future of synthesis and the form factors, from the feel, the tactility to the sound….the sound vast and very musical.

    As I stated earlier, I sold all of my Moogs with the exception on the SP. Instruments and their capabilities are largely based on the operator’s talent and expertise. I can honestly say these synths test ones thresholds within that realm.

  2. Do they make a cheap plastic 12″ VA module version of these with an optional cheapass rinky dink two octave micro keyboard?

  3. Socko, I think if you listened to the interview, the Waveforms in the 002 are mathematical emulations, as apposed to the 008 which is purely analogue. Yet the debate of analogue vs digital is academic and anyone whom understands physics and acoustics will realise that the latter can emulate the former without limitation. It is all a matter of engineering.


    1. Before we argue analog vs digital we must first understand that socko is on every thread complaining about minikeys or plastic cases or something else. no logic applies to this mans posts 🙂

      1. What do you mean no logic? Can’t one complain about the Japanese big three’s trend of miniaturizing their products using cheapo construction?

        Wouldn’t you rather have an available full size ARP Odyssey with good build quality? That’s what I expected when Korg first announced that they were recreating the Odyssey.

        Have you seen the Roland Boutique offerings? What a joke. Hopefully they come with a magnifying glass so you don’t have to buy one.

        Yamaha Reface. Now available at Toys ‘R US.

        To think that the big three made high quality legendary synths, and now they try to push these miniaturized toys.

  4. Introduction of these synths is quite new and there was some bad reporting on bugs and quality in the beginning. I personally think there are quite a few manufactureres that do not want them to be successful as they put the big players to shame in terms of analogue circuitry and features.
    Full assignable modulation destinations on the 008? A true killer feature along with the 8 voices.
    What we see here is a teenage engineering op like analog monster which is truly modern and futureproof.
    I really want to believe that…..

  5. Absolutely stunning. Both of those synths are amazing. These guys really get it. The build quality looks superb and the synths look and sound gorgeous. I love the visual feedback on the displays for both synths. This is how it’s done; truly forward-thinking design that forgoes “fad” marketing, draws from the strengths of the past and deftly incorporates the technology of now culminating in a very sexy pair of instruments. HOME RUN!!!

  6. Gpy an 002r and in person it absoletely floors me. I’m normally an analog person but this is a first-class sunth. Moreover, the analog filter is one of the best. All demos I have heard do not really do it justice! I will bet the same is true of the 008!

  7. 008….holy crap. Incredible. it really is a Jupiter 8 for 2015. they even kinda hinted at this fact in the video. if Roland had released this synth today instead of this “Modal” boutique company there would be people crapping in their pants and partying in the streets. I wander what the street price will be. If it even comes close to say the P6 price range then im all in.

    1. No – people would be complaining that it was a $5,000 keyboard and that it doesn’t sound like the original.

      The sad truth is that there’s no mass market for great synths anymore. The closest in recent memory was the Andromeda, which had crap build quality and was a commercial failure. This is why the great vintage synths are going to keep getting more valuable and the best poly synths will continue to come from niche players like DSI and Modal.

  8. These synths are instant classics. These are solid machines that will hold much value into the future. The only real concern is with the future of the company, I think they have a market for these top-end machines but it is so limited, once you sell 1,000+ it creates a self-fulfillment from a 2nd hand market – meaning you will always have a few 100 people after one, but also a few 100 people selling one at a reduced cost. But that will in turn fold a company that is focused purely on the top end of the market, with the sad advantage of increasing the value of these synths to a figure higher than the original retail value. I hope they have the foresight to expand up, down, left, right – whatever it takes to survive and keep making great products. Well done Modal, and all the best for the future.

    1. Great comment! I think a lot of people forget that these companies need to make money to stay in business. People complain about things like the new Roland’s but they forget that if they just made poly analogs then they would cost a fortune, more like the Modal, and the majority of people wouldn’t buy them. Also how does an old remake possibly compare to these things as they are cutting edge.
      The fact that we have a massive range of gear, all at different price ranges, to choose from now is the most important thing and we need companies like Modal and Elektron to push the boundaries of what can be done. It must be hard for a company like this to cover costs given the price range. They don’t have a cheap range like the Boutique or Volca to generate a load of money and to help develop technology, they have to put it all into a couple of premium synths and hope they sell enough.

  9. I am saving for one of their synths. Paul Maddox has some history making and designing synths. This is new blood into our world and it isn’t some bedroom Eurorack effort – not that there is anything wrong with the bedroom companies when you are buy one or two modules, however……..Of course I know there are plenty of bigger modular companies now with increasingly incredible features. But sometimes you just need a synth to play. Best of luck to them and I am glad to see the Union flag on the front of the machines.

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