Serge Modular Now Available As DIY Eurorack Modules

serge-modular-diy-eurorackThonk has announced licensed Serge Eurorack modules, by Random*Source, will be available as DIY projects.

The designs translate the original Serge circuits into Eurorack format. A range of modules is being produced in collaboration with, and under license from, Serge Tcherepnin himself.

The first module to be released is a Panel/PCB set of the Serge Extended Variable Resonance Filter (VCFQ), right.

The Random Source Eurorack Serge VCFQ pcb + panel combination is available for £40, Thonk is also carrying harder to find parts for building the VCFQ.

Here’s what they have to say about the VCFQ:

The Serge Extended Variable Resonance filter (VCFQ) is probably the most famous filter of the Serge system and one of the essential Serge modules. It is an excellent, extremely versatile general-purpose VCF that provides simultaneous low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and notch (band-reject) outputs combined with unique flexibility. Its trigger in, LOW mode and self oscillation allow a variety of uses from Oscillator to VC processing.

The Random*Source Kit contains:

  • Color printed front panel, 2mm, cnc made in germany
  • 1 Serge VCFQ Euro pcb (through-hole, no components mounted)
  • 1 matching component pcb

Here’s the official audio demo:

See the Thonk site for details.

Update: Elby has previously marketed ‘Exclusive’ Euro Serge modules.

4 thoughts on “Serge Modular Now Available As DIY Eurorack Modules

      1. Good to specify that. I’ve gotten so used to DIYing my synths that I didn’t even consider others might not!

        That being said, the Thonk – RandomSource cooperation is something to keep an eye on!

        All Hail The Thonk!

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