iZotope Updates Mastering Platform Ozone and Ozone Advanced

izotope-ozone-7-advancediZotope recently released a major update to their Ozone and Ozone Advanced audio mastering software.

Ozone 7 is a set of essential mastering tools that enable music producers of all levels of experience to add polish to their mixes and audio recordings.

While retaining the familiar workflow and precision audio processing of previous versions, developers have brought many sonic characteristics of analog hardware to modern digital recordings, along with all-new features, to Ozone 7.

Ozone 7 Advanced. Ozone 7 Advanced users can take advantage of four brand-new vintage-inspired modules, designed to add deep, rich analog character to digital recordings. Additionally, the new Codec Preview feature lets Advanced users audition the effect of industry-standard codecs on their master, making it easier to make necessary adjustments before exporting for digital distribution.

iZotope_Ozone_7_main_interface_w_dynamic_EQOzone 7 Key Features:

  • Vintage Limiter: “Glue” a mix together, control dynamic range
  • Vintage Tape [Advanced only]: Add the distinctive sonic characteristics of analog tape to digital recordings
  • Vintage Compressor [Advanced only]: Add “warming and sweetening” effects with a single-band, program-dependent vintage compressor
  • Vintage EQ [Advanced only]: Add the richness, warmth, and color of analog equalization to digital audio
  • Maximizer w/ new IRC IV mode: Increase perceived loudness w/o pumping or distortion, using new spectral shaping technology
  • Dynamic EQ: Now included in both versions of Ozone, w/ improved features and optimized performance
  • Comprehensive bank of presets
  • New export options: Encode mastered audio to MP3 and AAC formats
  • New Vintage Modules (Advanced version): Vintage Tape, Compressor and EQ modules for nostalgic tone
  • Codec Preview (Advanced version)
  • Vintage Limiter: Glue a mix together and “add character” with the Vintage Limiter’s warmer, analog-sounding final-stage limiting
  • Export Formats: Simplified export processes in variety of file formats
  • Upgraded Maximizer with IRC-IV:  New algorithm detects which frequency bands would contribute most to clipping, and then reduces their level before hitting the limiter.

Ozone 7 runs as a standalone application, or as a plug-in in your audio editing software. Ozone 7 Advanced includes ten additional component plug-ins for direct access to individual Ozone modules in your host.

iZotope_Ozone_7_Advanced_Vintage_EQ_screenshotPricing and Availability. iZotope Ozone 7 and Ozone 7 Advanced Essential Mastering Tools are available now via the iZotope website and from select retailers. Ozone 7 Advanced is available through November 11 at an introductory price of $449 USD / €429 (regularly priced $499, €459). Ozone 7 is available for an introductory price of $199 USD / €185 through November 11 (regularly $249, €229).

Ozone 7 Advanced is also available as part of iZotope’s Music Production Bundle, sold together with Insight, Alloy 2, Nectar 2 Production Suite, and Trash 2 (plus two Trash Expansions). Customers who bought iZotope Ozone after August 26, 2015, will receive a free upgrade to the respective version of Ozone 7. Upgrade and bundle pricing information is detailed here.

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