Expert Sleepers Updates Multi-Function Disting Module With New Features

expert-sleepers-disting-mk3Expert Sleepers has announced a major update to their Disting Eurorack module – the Disting mk3.

New algorithms shipping with the disting mk3 include a voltage controlled delay, a tape delay, and a resonator/drum synthesizer.

Many existing algorithms have also been enhanced – with extra parameters, manual tap tempo (for the clockable LFO and delay modes), and a ‘knob recorder’ function.

Here’s what’s new in the Disting mk3:

  • Smaller – now 42mm deep (from 53mm)
  • Over 50% less power consumption – now 70mA combined draw (from 148mA)
  • User-updatable code – via Micro SD card
  • More algorithms – no longer limited to 16
  • More functionality – new encoder and push buttons give more control options

Here’s the official video overview:

The Disting mk3 is expected to ship in November 2015. Pricing is TBA.

10 thoughts on “Expert Sleepers Updates Multi-Function Disting Module With New Features

      1. Oh man that sucks….was hoping to at least upgrade the firmware. Next time I buy a ES module I’ll have to remember they are not future proof.

  1. expert sleepers modules are great. I kinda wish he had some videos and more info out there on how to program new scripts for this modules . ie: fh-1

  2. Cool! Can’t wait to see what they do with the placeholders (please add a vocoder, please add a vocoder, please add a vocoder)

    Also the reduced size means this will now fit in most skiffs!

  3. This is the module that always most tempts me to purchase a modular system. Now it’s even better. I dunno how much longer I can hold out.

  4. D’oh! Shoulda waited before I bought 2 mark 2s this summer. Was kinda hoping they would get some new features. Oh well, the mk3 looks like a nice product.

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