New Effect, FG-Bomber, Helps Mixes ‘Extrude’ From The Speakers Into 3D Space

FG-BomberSlate Digital has introduced FG-Bomber, an analog modeled dynamic impact enhancer for OS X and Windows.

Slate says that FG-Bomber can make your tracks and mixes sound ‘dimensional, impactful, exciting, and more alive’. It can add a front to back depth, by using an audio path of special harmonic generators, compressors, saturators, filters and more.

It can act as a dynamic enhancer, analog harmonic processor, transient enhancer, compressor. The combination is designed to help your mixes ‘extrude from the speakers and emerge into the 3D space’.

Here’s the official video intro:


  • Drive – controls the amount of signal sent to the effect processors.
  • Intensity – this parameter blends the effected signal with the dry signal. Small amounts of intensity can create subtle impact, space, and depth. Large amounts of intensity can produce punchy results.
  • Tone – selects one of the three preset effect styles: Present, Fat, and Tight.
  • Output – allows fine tuning of the output level

FG-Bomber is available now, for Mac & Windows (VST/AU/RTAS/AAX), for US $99. A demo version is also available.

3 thoughts on “New Effect, FG-Bomber, Helps Mixes ‘Extrude’ From The Speakers Into 3D Space

  1. could be all right if you threw it on a return channel whacked it on full and tried sending choice instruments to it, i would reserve it from vocals through.

  2. you could do the same kind of subtle saturation / compression fx with tone boosters reelbus vst, which sounds better and costs less.

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