Tangible Techno, The Rube Goldberg Way

London-based artist Graham Dunning created this demonstration video that demonstrates a Rube Goldberg-style project, designed to explore mechanical approaches to creating minimal techno music. 

Dunning notes that his work looks at ‘repetition, layering, automata, mechanised art-making, environmental sound and found sound. The aim is to look at the areas of overlap between the sonic and visual, and ways that different processes can be analogised across different media.’

Via Peter Kirn at CDM, where you can find some behind-the-scenes photos that document this project.

12 thoughts on “Tangible Techno, The Rube Goldberg Way

  1. Take a fun idea and drain every ounce of fun out of it. Bloody Hell “London Artist” is doing things that kids of have done for years and made it utterly po-faced.

    1. Yeah Rube Goldberg would’ve made a more surreal Freudian explanation. The electrical contacts would have been designed to activate irrational fears of women in the audience while simultaneously a blinking sign lets them know you are in control and still holding their coats safely backstage.

  2. Initially my lip curled into a sneer upon reading “Rube Goldstein”, but this guy is in a class of his own. It should be the “Graham” school!

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