What’s The Best New MIDI Instrument Or Controller Of 2015?


Best of 2015: This year has seen the introduction of a huge number and a huge variety of MIDI controllers & instruments.

The MIDI controllers introduced in 2015 include traditional MIDI control keyboards, drum controllers and wind controllers. But 2015 also saw the introduction of many more exotic controllers, like the Livid Minim mobile controller, the AudioCubes Pro, the Motus spatial controlle and the Seaboard RISE.

Here’s a round-up of some of the most important new MIDI controllers of 2015. We’ve included MIDI controllers & instruments that were introduced or made their NAMM debut this year.

Check them out and then vote for the three devices that you think are the best new MIDI controllers of the year!


What do you think about the new MIDI controllers introduced in 2015? Is there one that you’re especially excited about? Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

Note: This poll will be open through the end of day, Dec 31, 2015.

27 thoughts on “What’s The Best New MIDI Instrument Or Controller Of 2015?

  1. I voted Novation Launchkey series, but would have voted for the Native Instruments Kontrol S keyboards had it been an option. I like how they are making integration with Komplete easier. On my shopping list for 2016 now that I have Komplete 10. In the interim I’ll use my Launchkey 61, which I like a lot.

    1. The AKAI PRO ADVANCE is fully integrated with KOMPLETE 10 as simple as it gets, and due to VIP software included, loads of other DAW / PLUGINS as well. And its better to use, and better looking than the Kontrol S Keyboards and the in built screen is so intuitive it makes the work flow so much easier and faster.

    1. There are a few devices that don’t fit into just one category. In the case of the BeatStep Pro, we’d consider it primarily a hardware step sequencer vs a MIDI controller.

  2. The Roli Rise has been very surprising and a joy to use. It is the finest controller i have ever used. It feels like playing a black obelisk from the future! So many sounds are possible…

  3. vote ROLI SEABOARD RISE….this tool is a game changer, a complete development for the keyboard! Amazing….who is already a pro keyboardist can feel comfortable after a brief adaptation….who is not a great keyboardist, but focus on expression, can find it fantastic.

    For performance it looks great…but also for sound design, you can easily explore harmonies and melodies hard to imagine before.

  4. I purchased a Launchpad Pro earlier this year and couldn’t be more pleased with the choice. Besides being immediately useful with my DAW of choice (Mixcraft), Novation’s intent on making the instrument “hackable” at least makes it feel like there is a deep well of possibilities to explore down the road. All in all, it’s been a fun instrument to learn and a very worthwhile investment.

  5. I’m voting for the WIFO RemoFinger, just because it arrived the other day, and I’m still chuckling about it. It’s the wireless foot controller gadget, that has suction cups that attach to an iPad screen — the cups generate a little capacitive charge to simulate a touch. It is the most insane Rube Goldberg contraption in the world, but it actually solves a problem really well. I play guitar, and need to be able to control things with my foot — and way too many iOS apps have broken or nonexistent MIDI control.

    That someone thought of the idea, sat down and engineered it, got a Kickstarter funded, and actually manufactured and delivered on time. Amazing.

  6. Not sure is the KMI K-Board Pro-4 should be on this list as it’s only been announced but not truly released yet. Kind of hard to vote for something that hasn’t been put through the paces.

    Right on par with those movies that get released on Christmas Day contenting for the Oscar of that year.

  7. I voted for the launch key. Yes they are better controllers. But for that price and for what that thing is, it is amazing. And with ableton irs a dream.Pads are lacking “good feel” but the controlit gives you for $100-200 its uunbeatable. I have the 49 and love it. Use it with a mpk mini. Would I like the push 2 hell yes. But don’t have the push money.

  8. Interesting, if you look at the top 3 controllers desired here; Push 2, Seaboard and Linnstrument – that is two grid controllers with over 40% and two MPE devices with just under 40%. And with Novation doing a grid based instrument, this must be the 1st year that we not so much talk about including a mini-keyboard on a synth, but why any keys – i think the market is maturing fast, toward purposeful devices and controls. I few years ago all I was thinking about was hacking, modding and building a controller, I still like the idea of a custom controller but the real need has gone.

  9. Newest isn’t always the best….

    I will swear by older standards and continue on with my Expressive Yamaha CS80 and 3 dimensional Haken Continuum with the onboard synthesis engine and its much higher 3D resolution than any seaboard…

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