Audulus 3 Coming Dec 8th


Developer Taylor Holliday has announced that Audulus 3 – the latest version of his multi-platform software modular synthesizer – will be released Tuesday, Dec 8th.

Here is his video announcement:

Details on pricing and specs are to be announced, but expected featured include: a new UI, near-instant patch loading, improved performance, new modules and support for the iPad Pro.

See the Audulus 3 discussion at the Audulus forum for background.

9 thoughts on “Audulus 3 Coming Dec 8th

  1. I think his way of acknowledging existing users and folks who have paid for add-ons is reasonable. Sounds like folks who have dragged their feet will be rewarded for their patience as well.

    I’m guessing the window of the discount will be a fairly short one, (what was it? Dec 8th?) Hmmm. I’ll mark my calendar.

    1. By eliminating IAPs, our hope is that more people are encouraged to try out the higher levels of designing you can do with Audulus. If more people have access to the entire toolkit, more complex and unique patches will be built, and hopefully those people will come over to the Audulus forum and share their creations and insight with the rest of the community – a win for everybody 🙂

  2. Awesome, can’t wait to get freaky with this! I have v2 but have been holding off getting deep since the announcement of v3.

  3. Having had an amateur interest in puredata in the past, I purchased Audulus on my iPad 2 some time ago but I have barely ever used it. I just did not seem to click with the interface and wonder if I will ever find a use for this app. Meanwhile, I have also recently got into analogkit and found myself instantly inspired, and find myself using it heavily on a regular basis – it’s probably my favorite app. Can anyone offer me some inspiration or point me in a direction that I might find some joy with Audulus too?

    1. Hi Richard,

      Please get in touch with me (email support at audulus) about what didn’t click with the Audulus interface. I’d love to hear your feedback 🙂

      I think one great way to find inspiration with Audulus is to download some of the amazing work other users have done on the Audulus forum. Also, you might like all the new modules and UI improvements that are coming in Audulus 3!

      – Taylor (Audulus Developer)

      1. G’day Taylor, thanks for the reply. I’ll try to spend a little time with Audulus again to refresh my mind and I’ll get back to you with a more detailed impression. I’m not necessarily suggesting you should change anything, I just don’t recall feeling a positive new user experience at the time where I could get from familiarising myself with the core elements to jumping in and creating something useful without getting too bogged in detail. I guess the combination of the minimalist look and the complexity of some of the examples seemed a bit intimidating at the time and felt lacking in description. I think perhaps a fresh mindset and some experience from analogkit may have helped, as now I can quickly put in a keyboard, osc, adsr, filter and get a sound out it doesn’t seem as difficult as I remembered.

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