Propellerhead Brings Figure To Windows 10

Propellerhead has released Figure, a beat making app previously only available on iOS, as a free Windows 10 application. 


  • Bass & lead parts use Reason’s Thor synthesizer
  • Drums powered by Reason’s Kong drum machine
  • Play in different keys & modes. Set once or change on the fly.
  • Use the arpeggiator to create melody lines from chords
  • Increase the Shuffle to loosen up your beats
  • Turn up Pump to add a club sound to your tracks
  • Adjust levels using Propellerhead’s legendary mixer
  • Save your songs in the cloud
  • Set length of loop (1,2,4,8 bars)
  • Built-in collaboration features

Figure for WIndows 10 is available now as a free download.

22 thoughts on “Propellerhead Brings Figure To Windows 10

    1. Obviously for the same reason they released it for the iPad and iPhone, it works with touch and is great advertisement for Propellerheads’ products.

  1. Because they realized that there are 50 Windows users for every Mac user, and dat’s where that money’s at, beeeeches!

    Read it and weep, iSheep.

      1. True. But Figure’s primary purpose is to own the user experience – and all that delicious big data – and convince musicians to buy into Reason and spendy Rack Extensions.

    1. … and weep I shall, because due to the bad decision I made 20 years ago to not use Windows, I will never reap the obvious benefits of this free, professional app.

      If only I had listened to my friends in their short-sleeved dress shirts. Clearly there was safety where the numbers were. I guess that makes me the sheep.

      On the positive side, it’s not too late to buy a nice shiny Surface Pro with Windows 10 in case I ever need a computer to run my phone apps!

  2. I actually hope there is more of this porting to windows 10 now that there is a standard architecture for apps among the different hardware standards.

  3. Oooh on the keyboard, the bottom row triggers the drum
    middle keyboard row triggers the bass
    top row below the numbers triggers the lead

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