14 thoughts on “‘Switched On’ Star Wars

    1. Yep, that’s the magic of analog. I don’t know about the tracking on the Sub 37, but I could imagine that if you mix lots of tracks with different ranges, you run into trouble from imperfect tracking of the oscillators or the CV generation. Tracking is such a pain in the neck if you want to to multitrack recordings.

    2. The original score has some tensions harmonies two… but i tuned all mono sounds a little differently to be in the mood of symphonic approach … yes sometimes it was a little strange but exiting! For example I phased the Harp section, and the flutes moog’s sound I made is fluctuant … but I assume
      it! 🙂

    1. Finally some well-informed, insightful political commentary that is sadly absent, most certainly welcome and not at all out of place in a discussion about synthesizers.

  1. The problem is that it makes Star Wars sound like a horribly cheesy b-grade low-budget movie from the 1970s, with washed-up has-been actors or maybe former porn stars trying to make it mainstream. The sort that (in those days) goes straight to videotape. I love electronic music and synths (why else would I be on this site), but they don’t lend themselves well to music that should be played by a full orchestra. Having just come home from seeing ‘The Force Awakens’ and listened to the soundtrack this morning, I’m very glad John Williams did such a fine job with an orchestra. Only Isao Tomita seems to be able to do ‘synth-classical’ music well.

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