What’s The Best New Synth Module Of 2015? (Reader Poll)


As part of our end-of-year, Best of 2015 round-up, we’re running a variety of reader polls.

For the modular synth category, we let readers nominate their picks for the best new synth module of the year.

We’re including individual modules, introduced in the last year, that are designed with the primary purpose of being part of a modular system.

Vote for your pick of the best new synth module of 2015 below. You can select up to three modules:

Once you’ve voted, leave a comment and share your thoughts on the best new modules of the year!


11 thoughts on “What’s The Best New Synth Module Of 2015? (Reader Poll)

    1. “We’re including individual modules, introduced in the last year,”

      Double checked and Braids shouldn’t have made it through, so it’s removed.

  1. I voted for Clouds since it’s the only one I have from the list, (except Braids but it’s not new, why is it in the list ?), and it’s really something new (both in hardware and software) and well implemented. Other votes : 4ms SMR which sounds wonderful (It was on my wish-list until the Serge Resonant EQ was released in Eurorack by Random*Source) and Mannequin’s Mangrove which will certainly be my next addition to my small system.
    Personally I would have added all the euro-serge line from R*S to the list.. but I guess we can simply say that it has been an amazing year for eurorack users 🙂

  2. Clouds, Elements, Rings, and Warps — heck of a year for Mutable Instruments, I’d say. I can’t wait to see what Olivier has in store for us next year!

  3. What is missing in this list is RIP from mannequins.
    Only 25 made so hard to get on top of this list.
    Next to the beautiful design it has two cinemag’s transformers output which make your sound so silky smooth.
    Simple but effective!

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