The Best New Mobile Music Apps Of 2015

Best of 2015
: We asked and you voted on the Best New Mobile Music Apps of 2015.

Synthtopia readers picked Olympia Noise Co’s Patterning Drum Machine as the best new mobile music app of 2015. Patterning could be the poster child using mobile devices for music, pairing polyrhythmic + polymetric power with a great UI and an surprisingly modest price tag (US $7.99).

The granular synth app Borderlands 2.0 took the second spot in our reader’s poll, followed by Ableton Link – which is not a conventional app, per se, but a new technology that makes it easier to jam with multiple mobile and desktop devices.

Check out the full list below and let us know what you think of the best new mobile music making apps of 2015!  


The Best New Mobile Music Apps Of 2015

  1. Patterning Drum Machine 10.72%
  2. Borderlands 2.0 9.47%
  3. Ableton Link 9.01%
  4. Fugue Machine 7.36%
  5. Korg iM1 6.71%
  6. iMaschine 2 6.51%
  7. Audiomux + MIDIMux 5.06%
  8. iVCS3 4.08%
  9. SidTracker64 4.08%
  10. Auria Pro 3.42%
  11. SoundScaper 3.42%
  12. Figure 2 2.1%
  13. Waldorf Attack Drums 1.97%
  14. FieldScaper 1.78%

18 thoughts on “The Best New Mobile Music Apps Of 2015

  1. Music IO is in my opinion way better than the audio mux midi mux combo, why the low score? What do you like about the other two?

    Plus how is Elastic drums is not listed?

    1. I think Elastic Drums came our in the very end of 2014 but worth mentioning again for all the updates, the iPad version, and because its an awesome drum synth.

    1. Were there any great music apps introduced for Android this year?

      Developers have realized that the Android OS is stuck in 2008 – they still can’t rely on audio or midi to work well on the devices that are popular with Android users.

      These are things that have been working well on iOS for 7-8 years, so it’s really hard to understand why Android users are still falling for promises about this working with the next OS update. Even if Google got this straightened out today, there would be 1 billion Android devices out there with terrible MIDI and audio support holding the platform back.

      1. Although there are several apps that are multiplatform
        Caustic (windows as well)

        Vitrual ANS

        I think android just suffers from creativeness being used where apple has has it for a lonnnnggg time

  2. Borderlands 2 update was a free update to previous owners…and it was maybe the biggest Music Software revelation of the year for me, and most of my production in iOS is adjunct to Logic projects or experimental stuff. Maybe not “better” but, yes, a bigger revelation as far as how music can be created in a year when I snagged: Komplete 10 Ultimate, Iris 2, u-he Zebra, xfer records serum, the entire FF Creative suite for desktop, Nectar 2 Production suite, Soundtoys Echoboy and Crystalizer, NI Una Corda, Auria Pro upgrade, Korg Legacy Collection, all the Arturias, etc. etc…all great, amazing stuff, and I feel blessed to have access to all of it, and yet…

    …a free update to an old iOS Granular waveform playing “DAW”/sort of synth killed all those Giants in terms of the sheer joy of recording and manipulating sounds in an attempt to come of with something I have never heard before…anywhere.


    I would say there is bloody good reason it is on this list, but that’s just me…

  3. Borderlands? Al l that comes up is the video game. Figure? That’s not for Android and I clicked a link on this site called “Android music apps”. Stupid list.

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