The Best New Desktop Software Synths Of 2015


best-of-2015-desktop-software-synthsBest of 2015: We asked and you voted, choosing Spectrasonics Omnisphere – by a wide margin – as the Best New Desktop Software Synth Of 2015.

Omnisphere was already an extremely powerful synth. But with Omnisphere 2, Spectrasonics amps up everything, bringing new synthesis capabilities, an improved interface, a better arpeggiator, 25 new effects and a massive 10,000+ presets.

The long-awaited Native Instruments Reaktor 6 took the second place in our reader poll, followed by Arturia’s V Collection Classics.

Here’s the full list – check it out and let us know what you think of software synths in 2015!

img-ce-full-reaktor_6_play_01_for_those_who_play-75cc11e779b3ae278a1f620f7322ad66-dThe Best New Desktop Software Synths Of 2015

  1. Omnisphere 2 20.28%
  2. Reaktor 6 8.7%
  3. Arturia V Collection Classics 5.45%
  4. Hive Synthesizer 5.39%
  5. Falcon 5.02%
  6. OSCiLLOT 4.66%
  7. Rapture Pro 3.92%
  8. Waldorf Nave 3.8%
  9. Kyma 7 2.76%
  10. TAL-Sampler 2.45%
  11. Terra 2.27%
  12. Polytek 2.14%
  13. Dexed 1.9%
  14. Roland SH-101 1.78%
  15. Roland System-100 1.78%

8 thoughts on “The Best New Desktop Software Synths Of 2015

  1. UVI Falcon will be on the first place in the 2016 “best of”
    The best synth since long time, and sound very nice with the IRCAM fx.
    Less “ready to play” than Omnisphere, you need to get your hands dirty.

  2. x-fer serum is from 2014 ?
    If not..
    Such a beast. The interface is one of the best i’ve ever seen on a synth and i come from a Ui design background.

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