Beardyman Rig Tour

This video, via sonicstate, is a behind-the-scenes look at the performance rig of Beardyman.

Beardyman (Darren Foreman) mixes live looping, beatboxing and comedy in his performances. On his current tour, Beardyman is making an improvised album at each performance, based on audience input for subject matter and genres.

In the video, he explains how he uses iPads, laptops running Ableton Live and software in his performances.

15 thoughts on “Beardyman Rig Tour

  1. What a great in depth interview that was, very enjoyable. Beardyman is an extremely talented bloke for sure. He should sell some of those custom made apps, I’m sure they would sell well.

    1. I am also trying to find out more about this “NSC” he mentions at around 19:00, but can’t seem to find anything even remotely related to it on Google. Wondering if he got the name wrong or I misheard him. Anybody out there know what MIDI alternative he is talking about that is being used by his bespoke iPad software?
      The closest related thing I could find was MSC (MIDI Show Control), but that seems to be used for stage lighting consoles.
      Any ideas??

      1. Osc open sound control protocol which use Lemur for communication with outside world. It is usual too in maxmsp, maxforlive, pure data enviroments and even in traktor you have some options.
        Monome is another of the tools which use osc in their max patches.

        It has some interesting features over midi but never take really off (most used in university researching at ccrma and others like) even been open source.

  2. The only DJ in the world that is worth the money to see IMHO. I mean, he actually does something other than pump a bro fist over a glowing Live controller.

    1. Well, we are not there to make sure that you are visually entertaint. Thats what the girls and the drugs are for. We bring the MUSIC, for fucks sake. Close to Nobody in places we play cares for HOW we play as long as they like WHAT we play. And this guy is not a dj at all, hes a live performer doing comedy and music. I produce dancing people, thats something different.

      1. “We bring the MUSIC, for fucks sake.”

        I thought carrying the cases of CDs was a job for the roadies. Unless “bring” suddenly also means “push ‘Play'”.

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