Oberheim SEM Plus Debuting At 2016 NAMM Show


Here’s a sneak preview of the Marion Systems Corporation SEM Plus, a new synth module, designed by Tom Oberheim.

We haven’t seen any official announcement on this yet, but the SEM Plus is a Euro format Synthesizer Expander Module, and will be making its official debut at the 2016 NAMM Show.

Oberheim designed the original Synthesizer Expander Module in the 70s, as an all-in-one analog synth voice.

Details, pricing and availability are to be announced.

17 thoughts on “Oberheim SEM Plus Debuting At 2016 NAMM Show

    1. Not that hard to find SEM filter in Eurorack if that’s all you really want. I have the Moogah one, it was even approved by Tom himself…

    2. $700 maximum. Based on the $900 SEM w/ Patch Panel, it can’t be too much more than the $600 Mother 32 or $650 Pittsburgh Lifeforms.

  1. Kinda crap – this was announced in June. And those of us on SEM Pro waitlists since before then honestly don’t trust old Tom. And yes, it does pain me to say this.

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