ChordBot Sneak Preview


ISLA Instruments shared this sneak preview of the ChordBot, a MIDI chord controller instrument, designed for working with MIDI devices via hardware DIN MIDI, USB & Bluetooth. 

In addition to its chord controller features, the ChordBot is also a arpeggiator and step sequencer.

The ChordBot is currently under development. A Kickstarter campaign for the ChordBot is planned for Feb 2016.

11 thoughts on “ChordBot Sneak Preview

    1. honestly, I’ve been studying piano for 3 years. Not hardcore serious, but I’ve been playing and studying theory here and there. I still find that I have A LOT to learn. This kind of tool will definitely help make chord progressions easier if inversions are implemented as the creator says it will be. It takes a lot of time and practice to be able to understand how chords are structured and how to properly play them and something like this is definitely interesting to me.

  1. There’s already a Chordbot, in the form of an iOS app that’s been around for years. Curious to know if there’s a trademark dispute.

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