Korg Gadget Review & Demo


This video, via Ryan Hemeon, is a review & demo of Korg Gadget, an iOS app that Korg calls ‘the ultimate mobile synth collection’.

Korg Gadget offers a collection of 15 different synthesizers and drum machines. called Gadgets within the app, which you can combine to create electronic music. The app is designed to be a fun jamming tool, a scratchpad for capturing ideas on the go and a mobile complement for your traditional computer DAW.

Korg Gadget is available in the App Store for US $39.99.

If you’re a Gadget user, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

22 thoughts on “Korg Gadget Review & Demo

  1. App is great for sequencing, but it unfortunately doesn’t allows you layer sounds when playing live as there is no midi routing possible, you can play live only single device at time from midi in, what prevents me from using it :/

  2. …nothing new in this info…i thought Korg would bring out some new Gadgets…that would be a great info. The app is great, very intuitive and nice different soundmodules. you can get a lot out of it….but like i said…some new Gadgets would be great to refresh this app….

  3. Korg has recently indicated an update to Gadget coming soon as well as a light version for the iPhone somewhere in the rumorsphere. I think this review is about to get severely outdated in a matter of days/weeks.

    1. I believe it will be out in February
      It will be gadjet LE
      I think korg is bringing out the LE versions t o get people to try and then maybe but

  4. real midi would be nice
    and the sound is really nice in some synths
    I hope for a big update, but I dont think so
    but its an app I use anyway

    1. I’ve got it and the Korg iM1.

      You can use M1 sounds inside of Gadget, they have a stripped down Gadget version (full patch browsing though) that plays nice in Gadget. Its great.

  5. Great app, endless tinkering. I would like to see at least a couple stock gadgets beefed up as a Vst. I think insert effects and an actual mixer would knock this thing into the sky!

  6. only thing i didn’t like was you were able to download songs to try your remixing and now you can no longer do that

  7. old news… :-/
    but I’ve found it great to start ideas while away from the studio… and exporting to ableton later.

  8. I’ve found it allows for fairly complex compositions. Frequently I’ve started off with the intention of doing 1/4 of a project and ended up with something far more complex. Not a plug for myself, as money is not involved but here is a bunch of Gadget only tracks (Except for the last one): https://soundcloud.com/manhater-1

  9. The only app on my iPad I am still considering throwing out altogether… – It does have some good sounds, but with the relatively limited compositional scope it is pretty useless – to me, at least.

  10. Having a huge problem exporting from Gadget to Ableton Live Lite. iPhone to Dropbox/iTunes doesn’t allow me to export because of data limitation, but even a single track with a single sound in it yields that message, and I have no idea yet if the programmers have or have not coded in some restriction on such imported data to LiveLite. Anybody else had this problem?

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