Frap Tools PLUS Modular-Modular Eurorack Case


Frap Tools shared this sneak preview of their Plus ‘modular-modular case’ for Eurorack synthesizers. 


They call PLUS a “modular modular” Eurorack case because it is truly modular: it can be extended both in number rows and length.

PLUS is designed to avoid any waste of parts. You just let it grow, based on your needs.

Frap Tools notes, “We put a lot of attention to optimize the functionality and the aesthetics of our products. Even in PLUS, no screws or mechanical parts are visible anywhere. The single body aluminum profile hosts modules up to 43 mm of depth and guarantees fantastic mechanical stability.”

Frap Tools PLUS cases are expected to be available in March 2016. See the Frap Tools site for more info.

5 thoughts on “Frap Tools PLUS Modular-Modular Eurorack Case

  1. Great!
    As I am also planning to dig into modular world and don’t have big plans for lots of units, this can be great for the start. I could always expand (until the company exists). Until now I thought that getting a smaller modular case would be my choice.
    I hope it won’t cost too much!

  2. Whenever this comes up I feel compelled to note that it is cheap and easy to build your own case of any size.

    Just buy some rails, cut them to fit, put a power supply in there. For smaller ad hoc type cases a switching supply like the synthrotek deluxe power or uzeus, and flying power bu (cables), work great and do not require any real installation. For something more permanent used power one linear supplies and nice bus boards are actually cheaper though more labor intensive to install.

    Right now I have cases made out of an old plastic mic box, an aluminum halliburton suitcase, and a big goike style wooden one, for different levels of portability.

    A case is just a box with rails and a power supply, lots of pretty good boxes in the world, no reason to spend big money on it.

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