XODULAR ecoSYSTEM A 16-Module Modular Synth For Pure Data


Developer Johan Ericsson Degerlund has released the XODULAR ecoSYSTEM – a new modular synthesizer system in Pure Data – as a free download. 

Here’s what he has to say about it:

I am proud to present to you an entire new modular system in the xodular format: the Xodular ecoSYSTEM.

It consists of 16 new modules. The initial XODULAR system was a collection of synthesis building blocks meant to be combined in different ways. The aim with the ecoSYSTEM has been to create a complete instrument. It is more personal and complicated but the sonic possibilities are much, much wider.

Notable additions are a polyphonic synth module, low pass gate simulation, a spectral bank and a delay/reverb module. Some modules have a preset system where you can store settings and then recall them manually or with CV during a patch. There’s a pdf-manual for further info about its functionalities.

Here are a few video demos:

ecoSYSTEM Bongo Patch

ecoSYSTEM Allan Holdsworth Patch

See his site for details.

13 thoughts on “XODULAR ecoSYSTEM A 16-Module Modular Synth For Pure Data

  1. This is awesome! Now I can put out this style of music and just claim $10k worth of Eurorack modules as the source. Nobody will know the difference, and the sales will be the same. Thank you!

  2. wow you can get some really great tones out of it, i have just begun messing around but you can get gnarly fm stuff going on between the oscillators, its pretty rough and hard actually, this is a great sound design tool! many thanks!

    1. Yes this is a new version.
      I was in correspondence with the creator a little while ago and he said he had been working on midi in and out modules, but it doesn’t look like they were included.
      so i guess heads up everyone if you try to contact him you could get the secret ultra rare xodular midi out modules.

  3. Does anyone else find this is massively eating up their CPU?

    Like, upwards of 80% before you even start patching?

    I wasn’t expecting it to be easy to run, but still 🙁

    A real shame as it is great software.

  4. I’m new to the whole PD concept and I’ve just come across it in a free MIT course.
    I have a few questions as I am not new around music technology…
    Does PD integrate in a DAW?
    Can you properly run this on a rasberry pie?
    Is there an option to integrate this with hardware if it can be run on a rasberry pie?

    1. Well, with rasperry pi it is possible to run PD-patches. The most efficient way is still headless, so this software would not work. I guess the rasperry also has to less power for it. There are some synth and audio projects with rasperry pi which might be interesting for you: http://zynthian.org/ or https://blokas.io/. With eurorack it seems to be more complicated, because raspberry pi has no analog ins and outs. You also need a additionally sound card. There are some other hardware projects: the salt-module is currently out of stock, but maybe available in near future: https://blog.bela.io/2018/05/02/salt-a-programmable-eurorack-syntesizer/ which is made with a beaglebone and a “bela” cap. It can run PD-patches, but also headless. Some other options are: https://www.rebeltech.org/product/owl-modular/ or http://www.qubitelectronix.com/modules/nebulae. I own a salt modul and a pisound (blokas) and can recommend them.

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