BOSS Intros VO-1 Vocoder Pedal


At the 2016 NAMM Show, Boss is introducing the VO-1 Vocoder Pedal – a stompbox that lets you transform your tone into electronic voices, classic talk box sounds, and more.

Here’s the official intro video:


  • Innovative, easy-to-use vocoder pedal powered by BOSS’ famous guitar synth technology
  • Use your voice to dramatically extend the expressive range of your instrument in countless ways
  • Vintage mode for classic electronic synth-voice sounds and Advanced mode for all-new vocoder tones with enhanced clarity
  • Talk Box mode enables “talking lead guitar” tones without the hassles of a traditional talk box setup
  • Choir mode for achieving rich vocal sounds with no mic connected
  • Effect loop for sound enhancement and easy integration with existing pedals
  • Works with guitar, bass, or any instrument with a 1/4-inch output
  • BOSS five-year warranty

Pricing and availability for the Boss VO-1 Vocoder are to be announced. See the BOSS site for details.

22 thoughts on “BOSS Intros VO-1 Vocoder Pedal

  1. You know, if they took the photo from the top, we would be able to read what the knobs say… and that’s actually the most important thing to know about this pedal.

  2. Why vocoder makers insist on using the term “Talkbox” when a vocoder is utterly incapable of replicating the nuances of talk boxes I’ll never know. Talkboxes work the way they do by using one’s mouth and tongue as a filtering apparatus; there is no way a pedal with an on/off and a few pots could ever approach the sort of timbral nuances that talkboxing provides.

    1. Amen. I just listened to Don Felder’s talkbox work in “Those Shoes”. There’s nothing hinting at that sort of thing in this pedal’s intro video.

    2. Totally agree. And what’s with using the term “choir”? I just listened to Handel’s “Messiah” and there’s nothing in the Boss VO-1 demo that sounds remotely like a choir. Choirs work the way they do because you have a lot of people singing at the same time very, very loudly. There’s no way a pedal can create that sound and it seems to me that the VO-1 would not be a good fit for a choral arrangement. You’d have better luck using it as a talk box.

      1. The difference being that only a complete idiot is going to be fooled into thinking a stomp box contains an actual choir whereas I suspect some who are unfamiliar with how a talkbox works could be fooled into thinking they can get realistic talk box sounds from this device. But you do well to remind us that complete idiots are indeed everywhere.

  3. Well, for a demo video, I’d feel more comfortable if the video didn’t feel so over-edited…if you’re stomping all over the video to make it ‘cool’, what about the sound I’m hearing, how edited or stepped on is THAT?

    OTOH, if this is even remotely accurate demonstration, I am definitely interested.

  4. I defiantly want one for my drum machines I love running drum machines threw a vocoder and with the foot print this would have it could actualy fit on my gizmo table which is always way to full

  5. Does this use the same algorithms as the Roland VT-3? Or is it a different sounding product. Form factor is cool if you are gigging with it, but otherwise the VT-3 has a better interface.

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