Expressive E Touché Lets You Add Expressive Control To Your Existing Controller

Expressive E has officially introduced the Touché – a new controller that lets you add expressive control to your existing setup.

The Touché has 4 expression controls, with mechanical force feedback & sensibility adjusting. 

Connectivity options include:

  • 4 CV/Gate Output (3.5mm) with -10V / +10V maximum range
  • 1 MIDI input & 1 MIDI output (3.5mm jack with MIDI adapter)
  • 1 Type B USB port

Pricing And Availability are to be announced.

21 thoughts on “Expressive E Touché Lets You Add Expressive Control To Your Existing Controller

  1. Let’s see. Four expression controls:

    1. X:Y touch on the surface
    2. X:Y moving the entire surface forward to backward, side to side
    3. Pressure-sensing (pressing it down toward the table)
    4. ?? tilt?

    1. I states 4 expressive controls, and has 4 CV outs. So I figure:

      1. X touch
      2. Y touch
      3. Z Pressure
      4. W Sideways

      this product intrigues me. I use a grid so I’ve been on the look out for a self-contained Pitch and Mod Wheel controller, surprisingly nobody makes one – you can build one from $100 of Doepfer parts, but not really my station at the moment, maybe a good Kickstarter project for someone.

      This ticks the boxes for me, but may be overkill for what I need – but at the right price I could really get into this thing.

      EDIT: Just watched video again and only seems to have one axis of touch, up and down, and not left and right – it wiggles left and right as we have stated, but not touch. So I don’t know, Maybe is wiggles up and down also – or the knob, but that isn’t expressive control – so not too sure. Could be like the Rise and counting Strike and Lift as expression controls.

  2. So… and for this we swallowed those teasers?

    Looks like a footpedal on the table. Or like playing with the fingers on a shoe-sole.
    But maybe its only the first impression. Who knows.

    1. But, what I have to add, one year later, after NAMM 17 and after viewing the latest videos and improvements, I must say – not bad at all… I really like it how it turned out.

      So… taking all back 😉

  3. looks like a shoe polisher, or somthing a cobbler would have in their shop in general.

    interesting tho. wonder how many of those synths it will cost more than.

  4. Definitely intriguing, but, as with all things, I think price will pay quite a huge factor in the success of this. Honestly, I don’t expect a price that I would feel willing to pay for it, but I do enjoy the idea and design.

  5. The price seems ok, imo. Expensive, but you’re supposed to use it all day long, with all instruments. And look very well built, not a toy.

  6. Or you can get yourself decent flying joystick with 3 axes and trottle knob. It terms of expression of the output it’ll be pretty much the same, but no CV or MIDI, of course.

  7. Yeah this makes a lot more sense to me texturally then the pitch bend mod wheels. I used to love joysticks, but usually you were stuck with pitch bend being on of the parameters which wasn’t so useful for me.

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