6 thoughts on “An Interview With Eric Persing Of Spectrasonics

  1. I had a listened yesterday. It’s a very interesting and entertaining interview. And btw. it’s the first time I recognized Eric as a human not as a hyperprofessional presenter/sales man! From all his spectrasonics presentations I seemed to have some totally wrong prejudices… Very cool guy!

    My only question is, if he’s really pleased that his interview is presented by UVI Falcon? 😀

  2. Great interview indeed.

    Spectrasonics has very interesting products. It’s just sad not to see other companies trying to put such an effort and quality on their products like Spectrasonics.

    It totally worth’s the price asked for their products. On the contrary to the vast majority of plugins out there.

  3. Wow – fantastic interview and as Christoph said above, I had also got totally the wrong impression of him from product videos. In a more real situation like this interview, he’s cool, v knowledgeable and interesting and also seems like a really nice guy. Thanks again and keep ’em coming!

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