Tracktion Biotek “Not An Ordinary Instrument’

2016 NAMM Show: At the Winter NAMM Show, we talked with Tracktion’s James ‘Woody’ Woodburn about their new software synthesizer, BioTek.

BioTek is a new virtual instrument for Linux, Mac & Windows that combines an advanced synthesis engine with an array of sampled sounds from natural, urban and mechanical environments. It was created by two virtual instrument gurus, Wolfram Franke & Taiho Yamada, with the interface expertise of designer Kristina Childs.

BioTek is designed, according to the company, to create ‘weird, wonderful and inspirational’ sounds. 

Here’s an official Tracktion overview video for BioTek, which offers details on the synth’s capabilities, along with more audio examples:

BioTek is compatible with all DAW platforms supporting the AAX, AU, VST and Linux VST formats. The instrument retails for US $150 at the Tracktion site.

3 thoughts on “Tracktion Biotek “Not An Ordinary Instrument’

  1. The examples in that video all sound very similar. There are some other videos out with a lot more variation in the sounds, very organic soundscape stuff and what not…

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