36 thoughts on “80 Custom Presets For Korg Microkorg & MS2000

  1. The crazy thing, is that this 15-year-old digital synthesizer sounds better than their new Minilogue analog – which is also a great little synth.

    The built in effects on the Minilogue and the deeper programmability make the difference. Just watch out for the high end aliasing on the Microkorg, which if you don’t watch out totally ruins the ‘analog’ effect.

    1. I have both, and I would respectfully disagree. The Minilogue is:

      1. Built better
      2. Easier to program (by like 10000000x)
      3. Sounds better
      4. More fun for live performing

      Some of the Minilogue preset demos may not be giving you the full picture, but it sounds huge. I played a gig with it recently and it was blowing people’s minds, including the sound guy. To me, it is a grown-up version of the minikorg that also just happens to be analog. The microkorg looks/feels/sounds cheap in comparison.

    2. People who grew up on VAs make ridiculous statements that are highly entertaining to those who know of the superiority of REAL analog vs FAKE analog. Duh! VA means “virtual analog” aka “fake analog”. If you think the Microkorg sounds better than the REAL VCO analog Minilogue, you need to buy a Minilogue first to compare. Way better sound and no aliasing. I guarantee you don’t own it yet based on your uninformed ridiculous statement.

      1. Good musicians make brilliant music using the instruments they have on hand. All that matters is that you can generate inspiring and interesting sounds.

        If you get lost in the weeds ranting about the superiority of analog vs digital, you’re missing the point.

      2. “People who grew up on VAs make ridiculous statements that are highly entertaining to those who know of the superiority of REAL analog vs FAKE analog.”

        And people that grew up on analog tend to make ridiculous statements about the superiority of REAL analog vs FAKE analog.

        The value of digital synths lies in the fact that their oscillators and filters are so much more flexible – which hugely expands the range of sounds that you can make.

        The Minilogue has 3 oscillator wave shapes and 2 filter slopes – and it does those very nicely.

        But the microKorg’s wave and filter options complete dwarf what’s available on the Minilogue, meaning that you’ve got a much wider palette of sounds to work with.

      3. I’ve been a musician and engineer for 3 decades and find that a lot of people make ridiculous statements. The microkorg is an excellent synth for a beginner and a veteran that’s been through it all and come full circle, to the point where all the hangups, prejudices, etc have all become meaningless nonsense. I have a minilogue and I have a few microkorgs and a couple of ms2000s. The ms2000/micro’s sound design capabilities and quality of sound/character(especially for the aesthetic most genres of music are currently going for) will easily trounce the minilogue and that’s not saying anything negative about it. It’s a great low budget starter analog synth.

  2. I had many VA-synths over the last 10 years, but Korg Microkorg is actually the only one which I have kept 😀 (I traded to mine for a Roland Sh-201)

    I can see that its still used by many artist for live use because it’s a nice size (Portable) and sounds actually good!

  3. Wow! Great sounds..I have to say this video convinced me to keep my MicroKorg. I was going to sell it to partially fund the Minilogue. While I may still acquire a Minilogue, I’m also surprised and slightly confused that the MicroKorg seems to sound better than Minilogue. Perhaps some credit goes to your patches here…but I had listened to quite a number of Minilogue demos before finding some decent sounding ones. Without decent sound programming, the Minilogue can sound thin / brittle and harsh IMHO. Slightly humorous that a digital synth sounds warmer.

    1. yeah I kinda wish they would release a new version of the microkorg inexpensively, and I would love one that was exactly the same but with 3 instead of 2 osc and a usb for sync(and possibly smaller like the roland boutique synths – the optional keyboardness is nice)

      1. Wish granted! Except none of the feature you want are there. But it has speakers!!! and…….wait for it…….64 new presets!!!!!?!?!?!?!? huh?!?! wait what? As a proud MS2000 owner why the choose to only focus on the lil brother is beyond me. I look at the microkorg and I just shudder when I think of all the amazing sessions I’ve had with the MS2000 because it has knob per function, mostly. I would never have gone on the trippy sonic journeys if I had to constantly reassign what the few knobs do. I’ve been told by many a microkorg owner that its a joy to program. I love how it sounds, and I stand by the fact that the MS2000 is more fun to me.

  4. I think it’s not fair to compare minilogue and microkorg. They have several things in common, but they are quite different, and minilogue isn’t really an ‘analogue version’ of ms2000. The greatness of microms/2000 is modulation, which seems limited, but actually very powerful + powerful arpeggiator + cheesy, but useful effects. Minilogue shines with different things.
    In the demo i didn’t hear anything ‘better’ than minilogue, it sounds digital, as digital synth should, tho very good. BTW the demo must be Jexus-inspired)

    1. yeah I didn’t try to make it compete with any real analog. I only try to make the sounds more rounded or richer and not as thin or flat as sometimes happens. I dig it for what it is. looking forward to demoing the minilogue. I also like the tetra/x4 which would be a more relevant competitor for the mL

    2. Well, we have a digital VA by Korg with some very beautiful analogue-ish sounds. Digital synths often get bashed for many things – but especially when the sound emulates analogue. Here we have a digital synth doing an admirable job at just that..and regardless the patches just sound excellent. The minilogue as much as I still want it, sounds thin IMHO for an analogue synth. I’ve hear d a few good demos amongst the plethora of average ones. Sound for sound…I’m just saying that I’m surprised I’m liking this digital microkorg as much as I am, and maybe more so than the minilogue so far.

    3. As “Thomas” said, definitely Jexus inspired, both in video and sound design. Even so, not quite as depraved. Check out both Jexus and TBLV’s other YouTube offerings.

  5. MicroKorg / Ms2000 is one of my personally favourite digital synth engines of all time. I am longing for the day that it becomes available in Volca form. That would possibly be the most useful and fulfilling machine i could imagine owning.

  6. Probably get a lot of hate replies but just couldn’t get into the microkorg because of its build. It just too much like a toy. Yes it can be a beast but I just didn’t like the feel of it.

  7. these patches blew me away!!
    I can’t believe a microKorg can sound this good!
    I immediately thought some of the same things about comparing it with a Minilogue, can’t help it since ithe two keyboards are sometimes pictured together for scale reference and the microKorg was introduced at a similar price point when it came out.

    Even without these awesome presets I actually quite enjoy the digital sometimes “crappy” character of the microKorg, that aliasing, and that sometimes thin sound can be cool too, not every single sound in every track needs to be “fat” and basey, that idea is so over-hyped
    there’s so much analog overload these days i’m slowly being pulled back to old quirky digital synths, the ones that aren’t perfect and have those artifacts that make them unique

  8. hello, i bought the sysex file but for some reason its nots loading up into the microkorg, the midi works and i turned auto write off, I’m not sure why its not receiving the signal through sysex librarian. i ordered the patch through the name david peterson, i was wondering if you could send screen shots of the programming specs for each patch so i can manually load them. thank you!

  9. The only reason that I prefer the microkorg above the minilogue is because the microkorg looks good. I don’t like the look of the minilogue.

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