Audulus 3 Modular Synthesizer Review

This video, via Touch Technology Review, takes a look at Audulus 3 – the latest version of developer Taylor Holliday’s software modular synthesizer.

They note:

The UI is very straight forward and has been translated well for mobile touch screen making it very usable indeed. A simple pinch will zoom out to expand your canvas, while pulling your fingers apart zooms back in to see each building block in more detail as well as giving you access to tweak controllers.

Audulus 3 is not for the faint hearted but more suited towards professional sounds designers, Composers, DJ’s or experienced musicians looking to delve deep into the core of sound creation. And for these adventurous souls the payoff will be immense, resulting in the genesis of truly unique soundscapes.

Audulus 3 is available for Mac and iOS; a Windows version is also planned.

If you’ve used Audulus 3, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

5 thoughts on “Audulus 3 Modular Synthesizer Review

  1. While users can benefit from learning the principles of sound design, there are a multitude of tutorials and the people on the forums are very helpful too. The app can also be used to create filters for use in IAA, Audiobus, or with desktop DAW. The way the color of the cables and nodes are structured in the app along with the ability to get information about input/output anywhere in the patch or sub patch makes understanding what’s going on more accessible. The support for the app is outstanding and definitely some of the best for iOS. New modules you can download directly from the site into the app are created daily.

  2. Audulus is a really deep app, it’s the kind of tool that really makes me want to carve out more time for music. Its rich set of nodes plus built in examples have all the tools you need to make a unique and rich synth, or even a whole stand alone procedural composition. It’s pretty clear this is not a “toy” like some other iOS sound apps, Audulus is professional either stand alone, or as an audio unit plugin. More and more of my logic tracks are using Audulus as a software instrument. Fortunately the new version supports my wacky patches from Audulus 2.x, so I’m up and running with the slick new UI. Go Audulus.

  3. I have yet to hear a bad thing about this app. Yes, there’s a learning curve, and there is a great support community and tutorial library.

    I’ve heard that it is a bit easier to program on a computer, but the fact that it is now available for Mac OS, and iOS (and windows soon) is an incredible feature.

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