Tribal Tools Kadabra Wireless Musical Instrument (Sneak Preview)

At the 2016 NAMM Show, Tribal Tools introduced the Kadabra, a unique new wireless musical instrument.

The instrument is made of hardwood and combines electronics, software algorithms and ergonomic design.

There are 24 capacitive copper pipe keys carved into the lower part of the body, flanked by multicolored LED lighting. The upper section is home to 12 control buttons, three thumb buttons and three pressure sensors, six utility buttons and a wheel encoder. All of the buttons have been designed for durability and the lights correspond to scales, tones and functions to give the player a visual performance or learning reference.

Up to 16 different sounds can play simultaneously and motion sensors allow the player to control different parameters or produce specific sounds/effects with sharp or flowing movements.

Here’s a video intro:

Musicians featured in the video:

  • Merv Pepler – Eat Static & former Ozric Tentacles drummer
  • Steve Everitt – Eat static, Tv&media music producer
  • Stephane Holweck – Total eclipse
  • Alon Landa- A singer songwriter& guitarist
  • Egg- Dj @ Megadog Dj’s
  • Robert Black- Mc Teabag – A singer
  • Dom TempleHead- Dj Musician – Megadog Dj’s

Other features of the Kadabra include wireless connectivity and dedicated software that can sync with stand-alone VST instruments, MIDI devices or digital audio workstations over MIDI.

It also sports a USB port for physical connectivity for updates and to charge Kadabra’s built-in battery, which lasts up to 8 hours between charges.

Performers can use the Scaler to produce scales and harmonies, fire up the onboard MIDI-based Sequencer for complex rhythms creation, dial in the Arpeggiator to turn played notes into a looped pattern or launch the MIDI Looper, which allows the player to alter the tone, change the tempo, lengthen or shorten the loop and jump scales on the fly.

The head unit can also be swapped out for a microphone mount to control vocal sounds or add effects.

The Kadabra is priced starting at US $1890 and is expected to be available in the second half of 2016. More info is available at the Tribal Tools site.

11 thoughts on “Tribal Tools Kadabra Wireless Musical Instrument (Sneak Preview)

    1. Interesting, but … I hope the LED colors are programmable. The random colors make it look a bit like a Christmas tree – it kinda ruins it for me.

  1. “you’re not just tapping on a key board”, Okay sure buddy, just go ahead and tap on a piano and play beethoven because, like you said, it’s just tapping on a keyboard. It’s just a way to control your computer.

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