4 thoughts on “Hands On With Ableton Link

  1. That is certainly lots of fun and pretty awesome. So ableton Link works over wifi?
    Also, you could theoretically just record that audio you were seeing on Ableton over the air, is that right?

  2. Link is sending tempo information over wifi. In order to record the audio, you have to route it into your computer as normal. It is not sending audio over wifi.
    It’s a quick and easy way to synchronize multiple devices. It does so by making all players equal (no masters and no slaves) and no play is indispensable. In the video, I stop the iPhone, which began the jam, but everyone else continues to play in time.
    I think the best way to understand how fun and useful it is is to just try it yourself. If you don’t have Live or only have one device, you can still Link-sync multiple apps on one device.

    1. Thanks for the answer, so one could think about it as midi timeclock over the air, sortof. High definition Audio over air would have been pretty ridiculous now that I think about it. ; )

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