NEA Rhodes Chroma Polyphonic Aftertouch Demo

This video demonstrates the New England Analog Polyphonic Aftertouch Upgrade for Rhodes Chroma.

new-england-analog-rhodes-chroma-polyphonic-aftertouchIn this video, the Chroma is transmitting polyphonic aftertouch messages via MIDI to control the sounds on the Kurzweil Forte, which also supports polyphonic aftertouch.

All of the sounds heard in this video are from the Forte. The arpeggiated background synthesizer was created using the Forte’s new step sequencer arpeggiator function. The pad is a VAST model of a CS-80 style synth voice, where the poly AT is routed to volume and filter swells. Each note can be modulated by poly AT independently of the others.

The Rhodes Chroma Polyphonic Aftertouch System is available via NEA.

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