9 thoughts on “Korg Volca Beats Snare Mods

  1. Is Korg still manufacturing them with the messed up snare?
    I bought mine over a year ago so of course I have the crap snare.
    I just assumed they’d have corrected it by now.
    I’m not so good at soldering/microscopic electronics work so I won’t be attempting any mods on my own.
    These are dirt cheap and useful boxes though, I consider buying another if it’s been fixed.

  2. Really bothers me that they haven’t fixed it, or even admitted there’s a problem.
    Initially I was interested in the Minilogue, but after watching a tear down video of it I lost interest.
    Just like the Volcabeats missing a capacitor on the Circuit board where clearly there’s a label saying there should be one in the snare circuit.
    The Minilogue had more than one component missing from a few different places.
    I know specs might have changed at production time, but I’m now highly suspicious of Korg.
    Won’t be getting Minilogue

    1. They definitely may have missed an error in the snare circuit of that device, but to extrapolate from that to guessing about parts in another device is misleading.
      Regarding the Minilogue those caps that are not placed (DNP) are obviously electrolytic caps on the output of the power supply after the DC conversion and regulation. It is extremely common to include extra parts, especially power supply filter caps in a design. It’s not a mistake it leaves for more options if you have the board space.

  3. i discovered this fairly early on as part of my exploration of the C78 snare fix. But the big flaw is that you cant control the decay of the “white noise snare” that it produces. The reason is because all you are doing is essentially short-circuiting the snare VCA envelope, and instead of the white noise component of the snare being clamped tightly on its decay (variable by the decay knob) and creating a nice tight snare you are running the white noise portion until it loses energy in the circuit. So you cant have both it seems, you cant have it sound like a short-circuited envelope, thus sounding like this, without short circuiting the envelope and thus making it unable to adjust the decay. Unless you design another VCA env and insert it into the circuit. But hey…if you do discover how to adjust the lengthen of the snare like this you will certainly have a viable and worthwhile mod! I hope you figure it out! Respect

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