AKAI AX60 Ambient Space Music

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via synth4ever, captures an ambient space music performance, Celestial Being, on an Akai AX60 synthesizer.

The AX60 is a 6-voice analog synth from the 80s. 

Technical Details:

AKAI AX60, with reverb effects from Strymon Big Sky & delay effects from Eventide Timefactor pedals.

4 thoughts on “AKAI AX60 Ambient Space Music

  1. Got an AX60 in 2010 for $350, severly underrated synth. Gives a lot of the more sought after roland boards from that era a run for their money.

  2. Interesting how no-one’s commenting that this combination of effects could make anything sound good, like they were on the minilogue demo from a few days back, which used a very similar set of effects. No disrespect to the AX60; they’ve always seemed to be a cool, if oft-forgotten, chunk of kit. Just interesting.

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