AKAI iMPC Pro 1.5 Now Available

akai-impc-proAKAI Pro has released iMPC Pro 1.5 – an update that adds automatic loop slicing, MIDI learn, Ableton Link support and more.

Here’s what’s new in iMPC Pro 1.5:

  • Overall Improved performance, stability and quality, bug fixes.
  • New Auto mode found in Slice Loop. This automatically detects your sample’s transients for quick slicing and provides a good alternative to Grid mode.
  • New BitCrusher effect called “W-Crusher”. Look for it under the per-pad parameters FX next to St. Louis Drive distortion and Ring-a-Ding ringmod.
  • Updated with AudioCopy SDK 3.2 which removes the need for you to tap AudioCopy notifications to complete copy. Other apps supporting AudioCopy SDK will need to update to 3.2 SDK to remove this tap notification to copy feature.
  • New MIDI Learn feature lets you easily map your MIDI controllers.
  • Updated Ableton Link to the most recent version.

Here’s the official video intro for iMPC Pro 1.5:

iMPC Pro is available for US $12.99 in the App Store.

7 thoughts on “AKAI iMPC Pro 1.5 Now Available

  1. When a developer releases an update, they’ll usually lead with the most impressive new feature. Because this is Retronyms, that feature is “overall Improved performance, stability and quality, bug fixes.”

  2. from what I have read in reviews, thats HUGE!!!!!

    I unfortunately bought this app before the update, tried using it but its was so damn annoying to get anything decent out of it.

    I’m kinda looking forward to the instant slicing, if it instantly slices and applies each slice to a pad, that would be crafty.

    Otherwise, meh

  3. what ever happened to the hardware MPC with a windows platform, must be nearly 2 years since they announced that. i thought the whole idea of the windows platform was to make the software implementation faster and more efficient amongst other things.

    …………may be their just perfecting it!

    1. they moved to WinEmbedded version to keep up with the latest programming/development standards and on top it would not be efficient to keep up with new features in older programming tools. WinEmb might be easier and allows for more features as well as touch screen support and NEAR future proof.

  4. yep – would look to delete all the stupid content to make space. PS its still full of bugs (samples assigned to pads randomly assign different samples?)

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