Dave Smith Instruments OB-6 Now Shipping

dave-smith-instrumnets-OB-6Dave Smith Instruments has announced that the OB-6, a collaboration with synth pioneer Tom Oberheim, is now shipping.

The OB-6 features a sound engine inspired by Oberheim’s original SEM (the core of his 4-voice and 8-voice synthesizers).

The OB-6 is designed to provide the SEM tone, with the stability and flexibility of modern technology.

“The classic, unmistakable SEM tone is all there,” according to Oberheim. “It’s big and bold and it’s going to turn a lot of heads.”

The OB-6 features two discrete voltage-controlled oscillators (plus sub-oscillator) per voice, with continuously variable waveshapes (sawtooth and variable-width pulse, with triangle on oscillator 2).

There is a classic SEM-inspired state-variable filter (low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, and notch) per voice. Voltage-controlled amplifiers complete the all-analog signal path.

The Dave Smith Instruments OB-6 has a MAP of US $2,999. See the DSI site for more info.

15 thoughts on “Dave Smith Instruments OB-6 Now Shipping

  1. ever feel like the guy from the Simpsons movie who could not decide to be inside or outside the dome

    All these cool synths that are coming out and which one to get

  2. Man. Somehow I just dont think we will be seeing a flood of these hitting a well known big-box music retailers used online listings around this time next year, as is so common with gear these days. Dave dont play.

  3. I tried one of these out at NAMM. Words, and certainly internet video, does NOT do this instrument justice. The rich, creamy sound was impossible to describe. All of the other food related adjectives apply, including beefy, meaty, tasty and fat. It’s a lovely machine to look at as well. Top quality, US made gear.

    After adding the Pro2 to the arsenal, I swore it would be my last keyboard synth. Then this happens.


    1. I had the exact same experience. I visited the Dave Smith booth one morning before the show opened and they let me tinker with it for a few minutes and each key I pressed brought me to the upsetting realization that all my talk about “being just fine with my prophet 08 and not needing anything more for a while” was being undone… in January… again…

  4. Just in time for my Birthday, how cool is that!!! Thank you Tom!!! This will go great with my OB-8 from the 80’s. I’m so excited I get to own 2 from 2 different eras. Life is good!!!! This keyboard coupled with the Prophet 6 is a dream come true! Tom Oberheim and Dave Smith have long been my heroes and I’m so glad they’re back! I got to meet them last year at Gearfest and what an honor that was.

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