Live Television Techno Performance By Austrian Apparel

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live television performance by Austrian Apparel.

“Here’s a live performance of two of our tracks (Sky Deep + Gaaxy),” says reader Dominik Traun of the band Austrian Apparel. “We take it serious calling ourselves a live techno act. No preproduced loops, no MIDI, no laptops, no CD players, mistakes included.”

Technical Details:

Realistic Concertmate MG-1, Virus TI, Elektron Analog Rytm, SH 101 (only for noise), a few Kaoss Pads, Boss VB-2, Moogerfooger Ringmod, Whammy IV, Mid-Fi Pitch Pirate Deluxe, tc electronics hall of fam and 3 RNC sidechain compressors all coming into a pioneer DJM 750…

29 thoughts on “Live Television Techno Performance By Austrian Apparel

  1. I had one of those Realistic Concertmate Moog units back in the 80’s. Can’t believe those are still around. Hope you guys had fun doing this piece.

  2. Interesting to read how intolerant some people can be. Come on! They had fun……why call them toxic bodies and asses?

  3. not sure… they can be against MIDI and Sync but I feel these presentation is not a good result.
    I have the sensation that they stay in the “confort zone” of; only few notes in the bass line… mute and unmute tracks and avoid to move some parameters because maybe they can’t return to the “safe zone”.

    these video reminds me those moment when someone visit the studio and try to play with my synths and don’t have experience of how they work and I just want slowly to turn down the volumen of the monitors to make him “stop” in a polite way. eheheh

  4. Not sure why people think it was a poor performance. It wasn’t some crazy orchestrated thick production—it’s their own flavor of minimal techno. And it changed a lot more often than a lot of other minimal techno. 🙂 Live!

    Plus, +10 for doing it, +20 for pulling it off and +30 for having fun while doing so.

    1. And +50 for having their act together enough to get their music on live TV. Probably none of the naysayers can make that claim.

      Sadly, the majority of what passes for music criticism amounts to ‘I don’t like this type of music’ or ‘I don’t like this band’, vs actually saying something that has meaning to someone besides the critic.

    2. “vs actually saying something that has meaning to someone besides the critic.”

      Exactly, and that’s because we now live in a world of mass narcissism.

  5. Very Very Very Bad and I can´t understand the relevance of not use Midi when it sounds sequenced parts.

  6. You think you could find a tshirt without a hole in it if your going on the telly? Or is that the latest fashion these days eh! Honestly bands today just look like a bunch of students. Music is alright though.

  7. Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone outside of the orbit of this forum will care about anything besides presentation & performance. Unless you have a strong political platform against the MIDITES with better revolutionary garb.

  8. If you have tried doing anything like this you would know this is a good effort! It is not a fully produced piece of studio made music and that is fine as it brings a fun in the moment fluidity that is often lost in lots of modern productions. People love to put things down often missing the point completely, if it is not to your taste or you don’t get it you don’t need to put it down. Keep it constructive!

  9. Sorry guys. Even if i try to stay objective this performance is painful to me. I’d never expect a climatic nor rhythmic modular jam, but firing up loops with the Octatrack, which is their center of performance, is no effort and could be done a billions percent better. Comon guys, many of us did this much better 20 years ago with only three devices in a country youth center. This is in no line with artists like Mr. Kruder & Dorfmeister, just for reference/example…… I excuse for being too disappointed. Never wanted to attack these guys personally!

    1. > This is in no line with artists like Mr. Kruder & Dorfmeister

      It’s not. And then, most pop bands wouldn’t compare favorably to the Beatles, which to me is essentially the comparison you just made. I bet no one in this thread would/could produce a live performance that is in line with K&D. That’s why they are who they are and we’re idiots commenting on the Internet.

  10. this piece of music in a lot of peoples opinion is not up to scratch,just look at the mods running around deleting the truth

  11. I wonder just what % of the negative posters could any better ? as with everything in life, it’s easier to stab out of the dark with anonymity than to actually prove you are better.

  12. I think the performance is OK, especially as it must’ve been quite awkward for these guys to do it in a television studio. I just don’t get the puristic “We’re a live techno act because we use no laptop and no MIDI”. There’s probably even somebody who will say this is not a techno live act because there is a digital synth involved. In my experience, the audience only cares for the music they dance to, not the technical details of it (apart of course from the 2 puristic guys that always spend the whole set behind the booth looking at what the performer does).

    People do horrible and great performances with pre programmed loops and laptops, and people do horrible and great performances with all analog unsynced gear. I think In the end it’s all about whether you get the crowd going and enjoy yourself.

  13. Well, at first I thought the same -> Not good stuff. But then I listen it again without watching the video. And I found it not so bad. The problem seems to me mainly the fact that it’s almost a mono recording, which is absolute fine in a dancing hall but not good as a “normal” music recording. And absolutely unacceptable for the musician police 😉

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