Befaco Intros Rampage Ramp Generator

befaco-rampage-moduleThe Rampage is the Befaco version of an old invention: the Serge/Buchla ramp generator.

“We took the idea of a ‘patch programmable’ function generator/processor, put two units in the same module and tried to expand them with new funky functions and ways to combine them: Slope detectors, analogue logic functions and a few extra outputs to add some more complex features’, notes Befaco.

The module is built around two voltage controlled integrators. Integrators (also known as Lag Processors or Slew limiters) allow you to process your voltages, converting sharp square waves in ramp-like waveforms.

Here’s the official video demo:

Some Rampage applications:

  • Voltage controlled Attack Decay envelope.
  • Attack Sustain Release Envelope .
  • More complex ADSR Style Envelope.
  • Dual VCO. With Square, PWM, Saw, Log, Exp and Triangle shapes. Hard and soft sync.
  • Gated VCO
  • VCO + Analog AND Gate (As ADTimbral VCA)
  • Dual Low Pass Filter
  • Dual Low pass Filter with VCO soft sync.
  • Low Pass Filter + AD Envelope
  • Dual “syncable” voltage controlled LFO with Square, PWM, Saw and Triangle shapes)
  • Complex LFO . Function combination.
  • CV controlled and “Ping-Pong” LFO.
  • Dual Slope detector. Distinguishes when and incoming signal (CV or audio) is rising or falling, and generates gates in concordance.
  • Comparator. Send a gate when B IN is bigger than A IN
  • Polyrythmic gate generator. With both channels synced between each other, it generates several “complex rhythm” gates.
  • Voltage controlled Slew limiter with independent attack and decay control and continuous variable shape between Log, linear and expo.
  • Peak Voltage follower. Max Out follow the maximum Level of the two inputs.
  • Minimum Voltage Follower. Min Out follow the minimum level of the two inputs
  • Envelope follower with adjustable response for rising ans falling flanks.
  • Voltage controlled Trigger Delay .
  • Burst Generator

The Rampage is available assembled for 265,00€. A DIY version is also available.

4 thoughts on “Befaco Intros Rampage Ramp Generator

    1. yep, but without the attenuverters and with more output functions (edge detection, comparator, min/max). I built one a few weeks ago and actually sold my maths. The exponential decay isn’t quite as snappy and natural sounding as maths’s but other than that I’m completely satisfied.

      1. Yeah, and the crossfading duplicates some of the attenuation functionality but in a more interesting way imo. you can have one rhythm going on one side, another on another side, and “play” the crossfadert. if there’s only one slope generator active it works as an attenuator anyway (which still works for external signals by putting the frequency at fastest). Honestly I prefer this way to extra attenuators, I’ll buy a new VCA if I want to attenuate and have voltage control 🙂

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