Ian Boddy – Tone Science

ian-boddy-tone-scienceElectronic music label DiN has released a new album by Ian Boddy, Tone Science.

According to the label, Tone Science could be his most experimental album to date. Here’s what they have to say about the new album:

Boddy…has always been fascinated by the random qualities of natural phenomena such as streams, waves, the leaves on a tree or the clouds in the sky. Whilst they seem, on the one hand to always be the same, they are in fact constantly changing and their patterns never exactly repeat.

With this thought in mind he set about creating soundscapes using controlled random systems that could self generate themselves using his analogue modular gear. The pitches of the notes in each piece were massaged into various musical scales by the use of note quantisers, giving each of the tracks a distinct harmonic voice. The composition process was the creation of the patch itself and in fact he didn’t physically play anything at all at the recording stage.

What you hear on these five pieces is the result of these complex interactions. Like the natural phenomena he describes above they appear to stay the same yet they never repeat and each has a distinct mood. By restricting his audio palette on this project to only his analogue modular instruments including vintage FX the pieces have a very pure, electronic nature.

Here’s a preview:

Technical Details:

  • Instruments: Serge modular, Roland System 100-M modular
  • Eurorack modules: Doepfer, Make Noise, Cwejman, Livewire, Intellijel, 4ms & Analogue Systems
  • FX units: Moog MF-104M Analog Delay, Analog Systems RS-390 Echo, Boss DD-20 looping delay pedal, Doepfer & Accutronics Spring Reverbs

Ian Boddy’s Tone Science is available via Amazon, iTunes and the DiN site.

10 thoughts on “Ian Boddy – Tone Science

  1. you can slate me all you want for saying it but its boring and its not original, in fact this ground has been well and truly walked on. it seems to me that taste here is more about an esoteric love of gear than any aesthetic preference. am sorry but it had to be said.

      1. Except for the fact, of course, that Boddy has demonstrated, over dozens of releases, that he creates music that of interest to a lot of electronic music fans.

        And that’s why people will listen thoughtfully to Boddy’s new releases and discover what he’s doing, while you are, as you said, ‘just playing around with your toys’.

    1. Most adults don’t care about “slating”. Maybe you have some actual critique about what you find boring, is it the sounds or the vibe your struggling with most, care to elaborate?

      Maybe take your frustration out on some of your own original work, put it up for people to appreciate, and find some peace with yourself. x

  2. I’m not intending to “slate” you. However, a link to your non-boring, original work that walks all new territory would be much appreciated. Just so we can have a benchmark. Something to direct our aspirations?

  3. The concept is not new, indeed. On the other hand it is the result what counts. In this case it is an interesting blend of sounds and scapes with a very natural and relaxing atmosphere. Although I’m not a dedicated fan of Ian at all I like it and ordered the CD.

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