Free Vinyl Samples Ableton Live Drum Rack From ModeAudio


ModeAudio is giving away a free drum rack of 32 samples created exclusively from the vinyl crackle, hiss and needle drops of their vintage Technics turntable.

The sounds can be used royalty-free in your productions.

The rack features kicks, snares, claps, hi hats and percussion, all drenched in the warm crunch of record static and crackle. The samples are pre-loaded, mixed, panned and choke-assigned for instant use,

The rack also features a custom processing channel strip employing subtle compression, EQ and saturation to lend the sounds added weight and punch.

Important parameters from these plugins can be controlled from the drum rack’s 8 macro controls.

You can hear the rack in action in ModeAudio’s demo sound clips:

The free vinyl rack, samples and Ableton Live 9.6 template session are available for download at the ModeAudio site.

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