Free Sample Library Features Classic 808 Sounds With Vintage 12-Bit Crunch


Portland downtempo electronica duo Soquelle has shared a free sample kit, based on a Roland TR-808 drum machine sampled with a vintage E-Mu SP-1200 sampler.
What makes this Roland TR-808 sample kit unique?
The samples were captured first through an E-mu SP-1200. They were then recorded through an Api Channel Strip into an Antelope Orion AD/DA. No effects, eq or processing was applied to the samples other than the natural sound of the TR-808, SP-1200 and Api preamps.
Here’s an audio preview:

The sample kit Includes the following 21 samples:

  • Clap
  • Clav
  • Closed Hat
  • Cow Bell
  • Cymbal Short
  • Cymbal
  • Hi Conga
  • Kick Endless
  • Kick Reverse
  • Kick1
  • Kick2
  • Kick3
  • Maracas
  • Mid Conga
  • Open Hat
  • Rim Shot
  • Snare Tom1
  • Snare Tom2
  • Snare1
  • Snare2
  • Tom

It’s a free download via Bandcamp, but a valid email address is required.

5 thoughts on “Free Sample Library Features Classic 808 Sounds With Vintage 12-Bit Crunch

    1. Well, free or not, through a SP1200 or not, through some preamp or not, it will always be some suckers for the sounds of gear we already have for decades… that’s the whole market for analog gearheads.

      Always the same sounds from always the same gear to always make the same music, but hey… there’s a full website for them here, so it’s gonna be a hit!

  1. I can’t believe you just complained about a FREE sample pack. The music community is by and large so entitled and ungrateful

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