If H.R. Giger Had Made Modular Synth Cases, They Might Look Like This


Custom Eurorack case manufacture Dark Modular Cases has shared some new case designs and examples of custom cases.

The Necronomicon, above, is a custom design, that looks a bit like if H.R. Giger had made Eurorack cases.


The Dark Modular Battlecase is a 416HP Eurorack suitcase design that opens to offer two flat playing surfaces.

It features a deep middle section that means both sides of the case can be moved with patches in place. The top and bottom can also be propped up.

Here’s another custom case example, Snake Skin, inside and out:

For details on Dark Modular Cases, see their site.

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21 thoughts on “If H.R. Giger Had Made Modular Synth Cases, They Might Look Like This

  1. You should visit one time his museum or his bar and then think about your headline. An Alien at the top makes no Giger. I hope he will not see it.

    1. It’s a brass human skull and spine that’s being used for the handle, not an alien. Giger didn’t focus on alien creatures exclusively and one doesn’t need to venture to his bar to admire his work. I’m sure the headline wasn’t meant to be taken literally. A reference to the macabre nature of the aesthetic design.

      1. This is your view. The proportions are not fitting to human. What is the definition of an alien? Nobody told, that Giger was focused on aliens. I told that the writer should visit his museum or his bar to get closer to Gigers work. I was there and I cant stop admiring his works.
        The point is, that Giger wouldnt make it in this way and so the headline is not really fitting. Maybe the artist was inspired by Giger, but this is very different. There are a lot of designs with skulls etc. but Harley is also not really connected with Giger.
        I would love to see an Eurocase from Giger .. or some other instruments, but its to late 🙁
        The microphone stand from Jonathan Davis is very cool. You should google it. And then think how Giger would design a Eurorack case.
        Greetings from Switzerland

      2. The case is called The Necronomicon – which is a flat-out direct reference to H. P. Lovecraft. I’d bet Giger would admit that Lovecraft had some marginal influence on his work.

        The look of the case actually reminds me most of something from Clive Barker’s _Hellraiser_.

    1. Silly to some I’m sure but, that’s due to its utterly excessive nature… I love living in a world in which I could potentially build a modular synthesizer inside of a dead beasts (faux/vegan friendly) hide, cover it in brass accoutrements and summon evil noise from the thing.

      To each their own… I just think that this thing rocks and I respect the sh*t out of Dark Modular for doing something so outlandish within a community well known for ripping on anyone who does anything different.

      1. doing something different and then throwing h.r gigers name in the title negates doing anything different. and all those spikes ruin the functionality but like you said to each there own and this is my each and own.

  2. While we’re being picky about the headline: surely it should read “If H. R. Giger Had Made Modular Synth Cases, They Might Have Looked Like This”. With that out of the way… Complaints about “dumb spikes” perhaps overlook Giger’s macabre design for Debbie Harry’s album ‘Kookoo’ (1981). Perhaps that was what the author had in mind.

    1. Didn’t a Giger piece end up as a blank panel in the Emerson Moog Modular?

      Perhaps I’m straying from the real topic here? 😛

    1. According to other photos, it’s lacking spikes on its underside. Perfect for cramped subways…. You’ll always have a decent sized radius of breathing room!

    1. It seems that Devil Man has only been training to become a DJ and not a purveyor of fine Eurorack-Modular.

  3. I think the case is awesome either way. Why do we need to fight over the description? The poster was just attempting to show a reference, at the end of the day…WHO CARES?!? Been noticing a lot of the “guitar center” crowd getting into eurorack, modular, electronic music and bitching about everything….thought this was supposed to be about art, music, noise, creation…

    Whatever happened to “if you don’t have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself?”

    To all you naysayers, go fuck yourself, to the case builder,,,keep it coming!

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