Frap Tools Unveils New Euro Modular Series, CGM


Italian synth module-maker Frap Tools has introduced their new module series, CGM (Channel Group Master), which they are dubbing the “creative mixer” for Eurorack modular synthesizers.

Frap Tools has designed the CGM series to be flexible: A standalone single channel module works as a top-class VCA with a final volume potentiometer. The user can add a Group module, and start taking advantage of the two send and return and a stereo out. Up to eight more channels can be added to a group to take advantage of the Mute and Solo functions. One can add a Master module in order to use headphones with the Main Out, the PFL, or mix between / among them. The Master module also allows the user to manage multiple “channels -> group” configurations.

Frap Tools’ CGM module developers explain, “Each master module manages up to 4 groups, and each group in turn manages up to 8 channels. This means that each CGM system is capable of 8 send/return and 32 channels, with the highest quality possible.”

Channel module

CGM General Features

  • Size of 6HP for each modules
  • less than 43 mm (compatible with PLUS modular-modular case and UNO foldable case)
  • True Modular Structure
  • Pro-Audio Quality Mixer design
  • Solo Safe Switch
  • PFL
  • VCAs everywhere
  • each master manages up to 4 groups, each group manages up to 8 channels, so you can get up to 8 Send/Return, and up to 32 Channel per system

Single Module Features

C – Channel (pictured, above)

  • mono input
  • CV controlled VCA with attenuator, peak LED and a soft creamy saturation
  • mono direct output with pre/post fader switch
  • VCAs with attenuators and pre/post fader switch for both sends
  • CV and attenuator for PAN
  • fader
  • MUTE +SOLO in place +PFL as latching buttons + LED
Group module

G – Group (pictured, right)

  • switching stereo group output for both return signals and any connected channel
  • mono outputs for both 2 sends that sum all incoming audio routed from the connected
  • channels
  • stereo inputs for both of the 2 returns
  • stereo VCAs with attenuators for both of the 2 returns
  • fader
  • MUTE + PFL latching buttons with LED and solo in place SAFE switch with LED
Master module

M – Master

  • stereo main output
  • 1x 1/8? stereo input with volume control and PFL latching button with LED
  • 1x 1/8? stereo output for headphones with volume and blend between main and PFL signals
  • 2×5 stereo LED VU meter
  • master fader

Pricing and Availability. Frap Tools’ CGM mixer modules will be available in July 2016 and can be pre-ordered at Frap.Tools’ website.

The single-module prices are as follows:

  • CGM – Channel – 199 EUR / USD
  • CGM – Group – 199 EUR / USD
  • CGM – Master – 149 EUR / USD

System prices (all based on PLUS modular-modular case and SILTA powered, with power brick):
42HP CGM systems based on PLUS and SILTA powered
• System 411s – 1369,00 EUR / USD
• System 510s – 1399,00 EUR / USD

84HP CGM systems based on PLUS and SILTA powered
• System 841s, 931s and 1021s – 2599,00 EUR / USD

Frap Tools will be presenting the new CGM Eurorack modules later this week at SuperBooth 16 in Berlin, Germany. For more information, visit the Frap.Tools website.

6 thoughts on “Frap Tools Unveils New Euro Modular Series, CGM

  1. so to put together a four channel stereo mixer with a headphone out in this format (assuming you already have a case with power) is $1150.

    that would be awesome, and unique, but dang, premium.

    I know eurorack isn’t the ideal format for hi-fi application (mostly due to high impedance requirements between modules), I wonder if a mixer in the format could approach the quality of a 500 series rack or traditional sidecar mixer?

    1. No and that’s kind of the issue. I like the idea of an expandable cv audio mixer. But this has so many strikes against it. Too many HP, too expensive. Can it actually sound good and be worth it? It’s too much HP for live you’d probably have to have 9u+ to make a 4 channel worth the HP. and if you’re in a studio environment you’d already have a desk of this quality or better.. What components are being used inside for it to sound much better? What am I missing here that this would provide over a few small HP mixers and vcas, with a good quality output module? Doesn’t the rxmx and the Sputnik mixer do all this in less hp and 1/2 the price? Hopefully I’m wrong … good luck to these guys and wish them the best, they do look really nice design

  2. recently got a 24/4/2 mixer for the price of a single of those modules… (and thought it was not the best deal ever on top)

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