iZotope Releases Mobius Filter Plug-in Delivers ‘Psychotropic Sonic Textures’

iZotope_mobius_filter_screenshotiZotope has announced the release of Mobius Filter, a new effect plug-in that “creates the sensation of infinite movement.”

Based on the auditory illusion of the Shepard Tone, the filters within Mobius Filter produce the sense of perpetually rising or falling effects that can be manipulated with an X/Y pad.

The ascending or descending results bring impact to a track: as an intensifying build-up to a chorus or drop, or as a creative effect on individual tracks and instruments.

According to the company, Mobius Filter can be used as an alternative to a standard flanger or phaser or as the “spark for psychotropic sonic textures.”

Mobius Filter runs as a plug-in in your favorite audio editor.

Mobius Filter Key Features:

  • Add motion and energy to your music with infinitely ascending or descending filter sweeps.
  • Draw your own sweeps with the X/Y pad, making fluid adjustments to both center frequency and resonance using a single control.
  • Achieve a rapid, pulsing effect or slower motion by adjusting the host tempo sync to anything from eighth notes to eight bars.
  • Create an immersive environment with the Stereo slider, which widens the stereo field in an amount of your choosing.
  • Create a static filter effect by pausing the filter motion with the Pause function. Or, pause it when it feels right and then automate it to create custom sweeps.

Pricing and Availability.

Mobius Filter is available now for $49 USD (€49 EUR) via the iZotope website or at select retailers.

10 thoughts on “iZotope Releases Mobius Filter Plug-in Delivers ‘Psychotropic Sonic Textures’

    1. Because we, Europeans, are ridiculous. Instead of creating technology on our own, we prefer to give money to american companies (software, hardware, etc.) I guess it’s time to Europe develop a huge program do promote investment in technology «made in Europe». For example: why all the OS’s are in the hands of America? Windows; OSX; even Linux is pretty much «American» nowadays. Why? And let’s not talk about Google; Facebook; Twitter; etc. Everything we use is pretty much made by American companies. So they decide how you pay. And you pay it.

      We need a huge paradigm shift in Europe. Europe’s decline is dangerous.

  1. Hi, Price in EUR is All taxes included, Price in USD generally excludes taxes. I.e. you need to add the tax of the state you are in to get the final price you pay.

    So overall the price is the same.

    (American readers, feel free to add anything that I omitted)

  2. $49 USD or €49 EUR its still a very dull overpriced Phaser; I expect more from iZotope
    I expect they will give it away at Xmas or something, doesn’t relay fit in with their generally pro product line.

  3. sorry but even though I love izotope, this filter plug in looks like a freebie…the DDLY was for free and it’s more complex and unique than this one

    1. Was for. Not free any more. Personally I dislike iZotope’s marketing policy. Anyone remember Phatmatik Pro or iDrum? Both initially good/promising, then abandonware. Same went for stuff they released for iOS. I can’t be bothered with companies who almost give you everything but not quite, then move on to the next project, leaving the previous dead in its tracks.

  4. Maybe those demos aren’t very good examples but everything sounds the same and not very good at all IMO. Like what I would expect from a bad freeware phaser plugin.

    I’m a fan of izotope though, just won’t buy this one. All good.

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